• BitTorrent trackers are immoral.

    BitTorrent trackers are immoral. Just because I want to be able to share a file with someone via the Internet does not mean that it should be tracked. If we are going to do that then everything else on the Internet is subject to tracking such as every email you have written.

  • It's just a program.

    Asking if BitTorrent trackers are immoral is like asking me if a Google search result page is degenerate. It's just a listing of files on the Internet. It doesn't have the ability to be anything more than a list. If you use BitTorrent to infringe copyright, that's your problem, not BitTorrent's.

  • No, they aren't.

    I don't believe that it is immoral to pirate copy written material. In many cases, the authors still get a large sum of money. It is often the case that someone who has pirated something discovers that they like it and tells their friend about it or decides that they want to own a legitimate copy. Also, torrents can be used to distribute non copy write protected material.

  • Freedom of information

    People often think that because something is illegal it is inherently immoral, which is obviously not the case. Bittorrent trackers are, firstly, not illegal in and of themselves, and secondly, are not immoral, in as much as they have the ability to circumvent unjust governments and freely disseminate information throughout the world.

  • Not if it is free content.

    No, BitTorrent trackers are not immoral, as long as the material is free to begin with. If it is a television show that anyone can watch for free, there is nothing different about a BitTorrent tracker than there is about someone taking a recording with a VHS and replaying it. If the material is free and open for distribution, there is nothing wrong with distributing it.

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