Are 'Black Friday' Christmas Sales Starting Too Early?

  • Greatly over rated

    Honestly most deals are not as great as they make them out to be. You can find great deals year round. Places like Walmart advertise a bunch of crap and the TVs that they sell during black Friday are mostly cheap no name brands. They limit the supply and are used as bait to lure people in the door.

  • Way too early

    I get paid monthly and because of that I will have exactly $0 to spend on anything because they want to do it early. They should just leave it the hell alone and not try and make it sooner just because they want more cash and business faster. . .

  • Yes Black Friday should start on Black FRIDAY, not Thanksgiving.

    Black Friday is a day when "all" products (mostly electronics) are for sale. Now, this wouldn't be a bad thing, if this weren't the day that very dangerous, violent, and harmful people shop. The products aren't even the best brands. Some of the brands are ones that nobody knows about. Black Friday is slowly taking over poor ol' Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time when family should come together, not fall apart. People are forced to work at places like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. These poor people have to work on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is slowly transforming from Thanksgiving into Black Friday eve. Also, Cyber Monday is WAY better to shop on then on Black Friday. Cyber Monday is when ALL brand-name electronics. And, 99% of the electronics are ONLINE only. AND they don't run out very much. Also, you can avoid being pepper sprayed for cheap Xbox games. All in all, Black Friday starts too early and just needs to go away in general.

  • What's the point?

    Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and spending quality time with your family. Then the next day, people go out and trample and fight over low price items when you recently spent time talking about being grateful. Also, why take precious family time away from the workers while you're out shopping. What's the point of having Black Friday right after saying what you're thankful and happy for?

  • Its unnecessary!! !

    Think of it this way. You are forcing a college student who is probably trying to get ready for finals to come in and work ridiculous hours for the same pay as regular days. You are buying something that you're not even going to give a child for the next two months. If you cannot wait another two days to buy whatever it is you are buying so that retail workers can spend time with their family you should not the reproducing.

  • Thanksgiving dinner and time with friends ought to be respected

    This early black friday stuff is absolutely ridiculous? I remember that there was once a time when black friday began on friday. There was once a time when people who valued the time with family over deals weren't at an inherent disadvantage. There's plenty of time for sales between thanksgiving and christmas, and well afterward, and if you're not making enough between Thanksgiving and Christmas then those extra six hours are not going to help you a ton.

  • Not Enough Time in the Day!!!!!!

    Early Black Friday beginning at 6 pm on Thanksgiving is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I have shopped the Black Friday sales since I was a teen. Now that I am married and visit more than one family on Thanksgiving it has become hard to see everyone and spend time with my family (which is the reason for the day). I love getting the deals but they aren't worth the time I could be spending with family I see 2-3 times a year. Stores have become inconsiderate of families and it will definitely take a toll on their profits. They will lose my early Black Friday business for sure!!!!

  • Black Friday Should Not Start On Thursday!

    Most parents don't get enough time with there kids as it is! Now "blck thursday" is making it harder for parents to connect with their children. It messed up your suppose to spend time with your family's on thanks giving. Not be forced to go to Black Friday on Thursday if you want deals!

  • It's called black Friday

    First of all thanksgiving should be spent with families. Second the event is called black Friday NOT gray Thursday, stores are opening just after the sun sets, it kills the fun of waiting and going out at 12 am to stores. Most people have thanksgiving dinner around 6 pm, but thats the time most stores are opening this year. Will it stop people from going? No, but it stops them from spending time with families and it makes the name "black friday" make no sense.

  • I Quit Shopping

    Yes, I believe black friday Christmas sales are starting far too early, so early that we've now dubbed Thanksgiving, gray Thursday and many individuals no longer have the day off because all of the local retails stores are still open, which has led many other business to remain open. It has ruined Thanksgiving. I personally, have stopped shopping on Thanksgiving (Gray Thursday), Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. This business won't get the message until people actually stop utilizing their off kilter hours.

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