• Maybe not GREAT deals

    But they're still deals. People assume that stores swindle customers but in most cases I actually seen a decrease in prices. Most of them are not significant changes but it still essentially counts as a deal. It all depends on where you shop, and if you're quick enough to know when you're being cheated.

  • Yes, many Black Friday deals really are good deals.

    Sure, of all the deals touted and advertised by retailers on Black Friday, there are those that are of dubious benefit to the consumer, or that pass off inferior goods with a cutthroat rate. But for every one of these deals, there are at least as many that truly are a good deal and that consumers should take seriously.

  • Black Fridays is no go.

    Shopping on black Fridays is the worst experience, you do save some money but it's still not worth all the hassle and stress. On black Fridays some stores are so packed that it nearly becomes a safety issue. To me the deals seem like a scam as if the stores are trying get rid off all the products that didn't sell well or at all through out the year. Also the price tags that display the discount in percentages are optimized in favour of the store selling the merchandise.

  • Black Friday Deals

    Many news stations have reported in recent years the fact that Black Friday deals are just a ploy to get the consumers to think that they are getting a good deal. For example, buying laptops on Black Friday is said to be a bad idea because the laptops that are put on sale for this day won't last a person for more than a year. The best time for deals are the week of Christmas. The day after Christmas is also said to be a great day to start shopping for half off prices for next year's Christmas.

  • There is no such thing

    When our wives and girlfriends wake up at the crack of dawn and go shopping, spending all of our money and stuff they don't really need, is it a deal? You hear about how much they spent and it sounds like the farthest thing from a deal. I personally think it is a mind game.

  • No, I do not think so

    No, I do not think that Black Friday deals are really deals. I hate black friday and I have never participated in it and I probably never will. All of the things that are onsale on that day will come on sale sometime throughout the year and the crowds are not worth it to me.

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