• Black Friday Support

    I love Black Friday shopping. The deals are really good. It's not like you are leaving your family all day to go shopping. Even with stores opening on Thanksgiving, it is done later in the day so there is time to spend time with your family and then go shopping for a little bit.

  • I've been to a black friday deal, and I regret it.

    About 2 years ago I got an email from best buy that had a sweet deal for black friday. It was a 55 inch TV that was discounted $200 from the original price. So I go to the store for black friday and there is a line of people that wraps around the whole building. I think I waited 2-3 hours and only moved to the halfway point of the line before they told me that they ran out of the TVs. So that was my time wasted, waiting in the cold when I could have been home.

  • No, It is not worth it.

    No, Black Friday deals are not worth taking time away from Family. I have always hated how Black Friday falls on Thanksgiving in the U.S. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for families to come together and spend time with one another and that is aweful hard to do it people are out shopping.

  • There is nothing that should take time away from family

    There should be absolutely nothing that can get in the way of family. Nothing! Family is priority, especially when it is compared to shopping. These black friday deals and any kind of sales are not something that should replace family. It is a complete mind game and in the long run, there really is not any deals.

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