Are black men's penises bigger than white men?

Asked by: xanax
  • Accepting its true

    I think more black men have larger dicks than not, And i think more white men have smaller than not, Well more white avg (5-6inches). Plus i know many whtie women that have been with black, All of them stated that most of the black men they have been with did not dissappoint and were larger adn thicker than white they have been with. Only some of the smaller girls stated black men were big but it hurt.

  • Based on what i see in locker room

    I've rarely seen a small black dick. . . Small white dicks are common. It is just a fact based on gym locker rooms and spas and saunas. The white boys always were swim suits to hide their small white dicks. The arab guys and black guys show off their huge white cocks

  • Very hard and sticky a monster dick ever

    Hi i am asian black dicks are bigger than white. Then i love black dick because so yummy so big. So white dick why so defensive. Hahahahahahhahahahahha black big dicks when. They have giant dicks hahahahaha sorry white losers huhuhuhuhu pathetic white. Hahhhaahhahahahah. Go black men i suck you all

  • The answer is yes

    They say we have big lips- long arms and long legs because they say we jump like monkeys. . . But a white man refuse and is very jealous of the fact the penis is bigger to, , , , Just like are lips and legs are because they say we jump like monkeys. . . . Several white women have told me that it is true and most of them unhappily married, And not saying all whites have little dicks. . . . BUT MOST DO. . . Just REALITY. . A white woman told me

  • Experienced white man

    As a Bi white man I have seen hundreds of men's penises. I have seen some very hung white men and some small black men. But over all, Black men are on average bigger.
    Further, Most white men have sex less often and orgasm faster then black men
    White women by the millions have sex with black men, Married or not, Because they know they will get better satisfaction from a black man most of the time.

  • Black men are definitely bigger and far superior to white boys sexually in everyway

    My girlfriend has slept with a lot of white boys and black men. She no longer wants to sleep with white boys at all not even me. So she has several black men she sleeps with. It's so clear that I am completely inferior to black men in everyway. Black men are far superior and I can admit that my girlfriend loves black men!

  • Girth Girth Girth!

    In my experience: Black Men have consistent girth(even when below average) coupled with a length as a bonus. . . Caucasian men vary widely but in most cases they sadly have no girth. If I'm lucky just length which just pokes you all up in the ribs!
    . . . . . .

  • Generally speaking black men are better hung.

    I'm a white guy who grew up in an urban area and played a lot of competitive sports in high school and college, So in locker rooms I saw a lot of both black and white men naked. I can tell you for certain most black men are significantly better hung than most white men. A black man will walk naked through a locker room with his towel around his neck and his dick swinging. Most white guys will wrap their towel around their waist to hide their smaller endowment from view.

  • Yes alot bigger.

    Porn says it all, all the white cucks with tiny dicks wanting big black dick. Black men are proven to be bigger on average - various articles supporting this - White women will tell you they have from expirience, and the interracial population boom. Enjoy white guys . . .

  • White Women Love the BBC

    My wife was overdue in her pregnancy by almost two weeks. She worked with a black man named Ladavious. She brought him home to have him help me move some furniture. The real reason I found out later was she wanted to cuckold me with him. I agreed. When I saw his monstrous Anaconda, I was a little scared he would hurt our baby. His penis was easily 10-12 inches and had the girth of my forearm. Well, sure enough, after he pounded her for two solid hours non-stop, and filled her, her water broke and she went into labor. She was so stretched out, that she gave birth with almost no pushing! Thank you Ladavious.

  • Shower's vs Grower's

    Most black men are showers meaning when they are limp they hang long. But when they get hard they barely grow. Most white men are growers meaning when they are limp they are all shriveled up and look small but when they get hard they almost double in size. Basically the end result is blacks and whites on average are roughly the same size when erect. It's true some blacks are huge but so are some whites just as some blacks are small like some whites. Asians unfortunately on the other hand are normally smaller on average. This was told to me by multiple prostitutes. They would know better than anyone.

  • Gay pride parades prove this one wrong.

    Go to a gay pride parade and watch everyone prancing around in their skimpy underwear. You might be surprised at all the tiny black penises you'll find in the midst of the many impressive white penises. For that matter just go to a strip joint with male strippers if you don't want to wait for pride to come around.

  • It is a misnomer, Although a common one it is a misunderstood statement.

    A penis is biologically used for temperature regulation as well as reproduction. In colder climates the blood is restricted in order to retain blood temperatures. In warmer climates the penis extends to disperse heat and cool down the body. This is why it is seen that black men have larger members than other men, But when full erections are considered then white men are much larger when comparing body mass to penis size.

  • White Men are More Intelligent. That's What Counts!

    Who cares? Would you fuck an ape because he has a bigger penis? Why not use a big dildo if that is the end game? But there must be attraction. It is in the brain where whites are superior. No dog turds (black penises). Those are not attractive! No more false stories please.

  • What a bunch of bullshit 😂

    Can all you idiots/cucks who think this is true go and look at some research 😂 there's virtually no difference in average penis size between white males and black males and if there is its by a quarter of a inch, Latinos too, middle eastern and Asian men are barely behind that aswell, it's people like you who push the lie and fantasy that black guys dicks are bigger, and why? Because you watch alot of porn? FOH why don't you take some time while watching porn to search big white dicks I PROMISE you'll find them

  • I believed I had a small one whereas if these statistics are true I am above average.

    This is probably due to claims by a lot of males that their penis is larger than it actually is. Who would sit amongst their peers and announce that their penis was small. I have seen few, mostly by accident at the gym/pool etc. And I guess little guys just don’t show their penises in public. It’s good to know that most of us are in the majority when it comes to this. Do our ladies really care. .. ? As for black or white.... Does it really matter in the great scheme of things?

  • Nobody cares really

    If you are a black man and you want to feel good about yourself for having a "big dick", you're a dumbass

    same as White guys being like "boohooo we aren't smaller"

    Okay here is the truth

    BLACK dicks don't grow as much as a White dick when getting errect, they just stand up and maybe grow like one Inch or two

    in the colder regions (aka home of the White men) it was obviously dangerous to just carry arround your almost full lengh all day without it freezing off

    in hotter regions, Skin was used to have a bigger surface to sweat (cooling off the Body) = the penis was another surface to produce sweat and cool off the Body temp.

    Having a big flacid penis gives a solid Impression of having a big penis, seems Logical right?

    It isn't... Your flacid penis LENGH doesn't say anything about the errect lengh

    BUT having a thick penis when flacid often indicates that the male who is carrying it does infact have a large penis (since it grows without getting much slimmer or even expands in girth)

    this means that: your Skin colour does not define the size of genitals
    it's about how much it grows in length and girth which is only up to the amount of blood that can be stored in your erectile tissue

  • It's a racist myth.

    I'm an Asian man, and I have 6.3 inches penis. Most people think black people tend to have large penis and asian have small penis. It's nothing but a myth. This is because different people have different size of penis. In my opinion, I think people from Northern Europe have more bigger penis than black people.

  • Nothing but a racist myth

    Race or ethnicity has no significant correlation with penis size, full stop. This is a tremendously old myth developed for the purpose of dehumanizing blacks, justifying slavery, and provide false reasons for lynching blacks, now repurposed by the porn industry to breed insecurity and to cater to an audience of race fetishists.

  • White man has 9 inch cock

    My black girlfriend told me it was bigger than her husbands! I only know last time we made love we lost track of her climaxes. I guess her husband only cares for himself. My story is the only one I know about. Most white guys hate big black cocks. Sorry

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