• Black People are Inherently Better than White People.

    It honestly appalls me that even today, EVEN NOW, After all this time, After the Civil Rights movement, MLK and the great Malcolm X, After the end of slavery and the death of the KKK, After genetic research and IQ tests, After EVERYTHING, We still see that 80% of the people on this opinion side with white supremacy. We still see that 80% of people can't possibly admit that black people are inherently better than white people.
    Wait. No. 100%. The only other person on "YES" actually meant "NO. "
    Well, Let me tell you what. The reason everyone's voting no is because of RACISM. It's for that reason that these loser white supremacists are saying that a black woman can't be better than a white woman.
    Well, Hate to break it to you, But not everyone here is racist.
    Not everyone here believes that whites are better than everyone else. Hopefully, Some day, No one will believe these KKK Southern lies.
    The truth is that whites are inferior to all the races because that, Unlike the other races, Whites are morally compromised. Whites were the only race of people to enslave other races and TELL themselves that they are "better" somehow. But they aren't better. They're only racist. Because that they are racist and because that they enslave people when the blacks, The Asians, The Indians, The Mexicans do not do anything of the sort, Because of this whites are morally inferior.
    Whites are also physically inferior. Look at any college or league basketball team. There are clearly way more black players that white players. What racist comeback do you have to that? Despite what the white supremacists want to say, The REASON there are more blacks on the team is simple: Blacks are physically superior. Blacks are stronger, Blacks are faster (look at the fastest three men in the world! ), Blacks are taller, Blacks are physically better!
    Blacks also happen to be harder working than whites. While white people sit around like lazy bourgeoisie pigs, Black people work hard. Black people have all of the big jobs. While the whites keep all the cash because they are jerks and are morally inferior, The blacks do the hard work. This is BLACK nation because without blacks to do the hard work, The country would fall apart. Blacks are the hard-workers. We lift the weights, We serve and make the food, We do all the dirtywork for you white supremacists who try and oppress us. Meanwhile, Whites are inferior because they don't work at all. They sit behind a desk and steal your money as a lawyer or a banker or a corrupt politician, Or they steal thousands in taxes as a scientist to find some stupid bit of knowledge no one cares about while children in Africa are DYING and none of the whites care! Blacks do the hard work, Whites think they're better and steal the money! (Continued in comments. )

  • No, Black people aren't better than white people

    I chose yes because green is the color of Shrek. (word requirement = essay = get tired = no work = no job = no life = almost die = die = no money for grave = dumped into ocean = no one care = no family = ded4lyfe. This is why you don't have word requirements. )

  • Everyone is equal.

    How can white people be better than black people? They are just as talented. Excuse me if I say, Obama is A LOT better than Trump. A person's success mostly relies on his/her personalities, Diligence, Confidence, So on, But definitely NOT the race. Plus there is no proof that there is more intelligence in white people's DNA.

  • What? ?

    White people and black people are equal my guy

    Now excuse me while I fill the word requirement

    q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k i z x c v b n m
    B O I
    B O I


  • Racist. . . Wtf how is this alowed?

    How does this site allow such vile racism? I am extremely appaled that someone would allow such racism to be allowed to be posted on such a site such as this? Of course blacks aren't superior to the white race, If they did thenw hy didnt they conquor america? I thought bnot

  • Of course not!

    I feel that all people are equal. Your race or religion don't determine your friends. Besides you can't choose your race so if you don't like someone because of their race just keep in mind they didnt choose that race and they can't change. If someone ever makes fun of you because of your race just keep in mind that if that's how their going to act and treat you they don't deserve to be your friend, Because you are awesome.

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