• Some are some aren't

    Everyone from all races are racist. Not just whites, not just blacks. Hispanics can be racist, Asians can be racist. The only problem is, black racism against whites is generally ignored these days which i don't think is right. All forms of racism that aren't against blacks are ignored. I think it's because of the whole African slave trade situation.

  • I don't believe it should be considered racism, at least in the USA.

    I think black people have been placed strategically under white people in society. They have been historically segregated and they don't hold the same opportunities as white people. At the same time with the police violence that is going on its hard to think that black people and white people hold the same place socially in people's eyes. At least in the USA. Like I was saying, black people can't be considered -racist- They can be assholes to others due to their race but racism in America against blacks is so much more than that, that you can't say that them calling you a cracker holds the same level of horrendous as them being oppressed not only throughout history but in the present day still. It is true that they can be discriminatory towards other races just like Asians can be too. I believe that black people may be called racists in other countries where they aren't as oppressed since in that case the racism and oppression against them isn't what should be the main topic since it is not that present, just like asians can be racists in Korea, you know what I mean?

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