Are blacks justified in being angry at whites because of the past?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Time is not merely enough to erase cruelty

    Black people were taken away from their countries, mostly those in Western Africa, and used as slaves in America. All this happened against their will. When they were eventually freed, most of them went to settle in Liberia. They might have been freed, but giving them freedom wasn't enough for the white man to fix his mistakes. He was the one who denied them freedom in the first place. When he eventually decided to let them go, he let them go without any form of compensation for exploiting them and wasting their time. With the coming of industrialization, the white man abandoned black people. Unlike machines, black peope needed to be fed an they required basic human needs. The white man saw the machine as being way better than black slaves and decided to abandon blacks whilst disguising this decision as generosity. Now, my point is that the black man was abandoned when his labour was no longer needed. In addition, the blacks never got compensation for their time and labour. Wounds heal but scars stay the same. The black man might lose aggression for the white man over time but these memories will always be part of black heritage and they will invoke anger. The black people are justified for their anger towards whites.

  • White have run the monopoly

    As if slavery wasn't enough, the white man has us at an unequal advantage. We were handicapped for years after slavery. Though we still had equal footing, as most whites were just as uneducated. Though that balance quickly shifted as Blacks weren't taught to read legally, we weren't able to own any land or property, utility companies, transportation systems or trade markets. We were forced back to the plantation or jail as we were not welcome anywhere in white society. As Jim Crow laws were put in place shortly after the emancipation...Not to be confused with freedom. Free we were not. Once we became partially self-sufficient and separate from whites, jealously, envy and economic greed set it for the white man. They've burned out homes, our churches our schools our businesses. The idea here was to end the segregation and to incorporate us with them. Not them with us, that would never fly.
    This was the worst thing that could have happened to Black America.
    We were on track to rebuilding our families, generating our own textiles, growing our own crops and educating each other at an alarming rate where whites would not be needed in our society.
    The White think tank saw the sheer numbers of the black population and figured they needed to shut our system down, then make us dependent upon them so that our money becomes theres. They also gobbled up any and all economic opportunities for themselves to ensure we stayed stagnant and within our own communities and were not paid nor treated equally even to this very day.
    Ask why do Blacks not own or control any: airlines, shipping, energy, mining, railways, media or any resources, coal, water, nuclear. Please do not think we aren't intelligent enough or that we can not pool our money together. This is the designed control of the white man.
    We will admit that we admire his genius in this monopoly.
    So to sum it up white have had a huge head start and the opportunities for the black man no longer exist to ever bring fourth any true global equality.
    Think if you owned a company wouldn't you hire what looks like you to run it, yes you would, would you hire a police force to protect it, yes, if you place it in the perfect part of town would you allow another demographic to become the majority in it, NO. Would you persuade the lawmakers to keep the continuity and in your favor?
    We already know the answer.
    So yes Blacks have a reason to hate whites. We're over the slave crap. We're not over the unjust legal system, the banking & lending nor housing and employment.

  • They're fellow and equal Americans, and should act as such.

    Their ancestors came over to America, and were offered the choice to leave. Those that did leave now live in Liberia. The ones that stayed, because they liked it here, took it into their heads that they were entitled to be treated as fellow and equal Americans, and they were right. Anything more is an attempt at a guilt trip. You don't see a mass exodus when their self-appointed leaders get angry about how they're being repressed. If they were indeed being repressed, they wouldn't get the kind of media attention they're getting.
    In other words, and this goes for everyone, welcome to America. If you have a legitimate grievance, get evidence and present it to those who can do something about it. If you're being a media hog and complaining about how drugs and stuff are keeping your buddies down, do something about the drugs and stuff. Leave us out of it. If you riot, take care to only wreck your own stuff. If not, we're perfectly entitled to defend ourselves and our property. If you protest, you are exercising First Amendment, as are all the idiots who boo and catcall.
    In short, they are not only in the wrong, they're too rooted in the past to see the future.

  • It is racist to judge by skin color.

    I want to correct the poster of this opinion by saying that not all black people judge by skin color. Dr. King was a shining example of this. Dr. King promoted racial tolerance and I feel that other people should do the same. I have a dream that one day people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

  • What about the good we did?

    I'm white, and I disagree and hate everything white people did to blacks.
    What they need to know is that Abraham Lincon stopped slavery in America and he was white
    Also, the past is behind us, like Malala Yousafzai said, we must love each other no matter what our color, culture, or beliefs.
    Hate is a strong word too!

  • Its completely insane

    One being black and hating against whites because of the past is completely insane and thus barbaric. America and other western countries had decades long realised this fact and hence had imposed equal rights to blacks and whites. In my view a citizen must abide to country's law and view white bereft of hate and despise.
    Next, how come the blacks hate to whites because of something wrong their ancenstors had done? They are wholly just because they were not the one to impose slavery,actions against the black, yeah their ancestors did. This slightly corresponds to ISIS's brutual acts against sunnis and kurds. Plethora of sunnis and kurds are being slaughtered,killed because of past rivalry which is not justified.

  • Past has passed

    Slavery in general was a human thing. Every race did this. Advanced civilizations of the 19th century ended the practice.

    There are prejudice laws and government policies, however, in most advanced civilizations these are illegal and punishable by the legal system.

    This leaves perception and tales based on fear. I doubt the enslaved people of the past would want their ancestors living in fear, yet they do. Who can forgive the past? Who can apologize for the past? No one can.

    We are all humans. And we were all slaves at one point.

    Time to judge people by character and not by your own fears and tales of woe.

  • Blacks at born with low IQ hence their low position in society wherever their go.

    Asians too were ill treated wherever their go but after 3 generation to climb to par with the native race. If IQ and attitude plays no part in this difference between blacks and Asians then I don't know what is? The Asians success story in USA are the counter argument to everything the retarded left is fanatically preaching.

  • Stop preaching hate.

    To stop preaching hate , the first thing is to not show the younger generation how much you hate.As adults we set the example. The second thing don't teach them to look back to much. Looking back too much only fuels the hate. We also have to be honest with ourselves that Africians in Africa were enslaving their own people and selling thier own people to white Europeans as well. Therefore those AFRICIANS WHO SOLD SLAVES TO EUROPEANS ARE JUST AS GUILTY. So with that said we both share that responsibility AFRICIANS and EUROPEANS. If we keep looking back it's like driving a car forward on a busy highway and constantly looking back. The result is a mess. So lets look foward when were driving forward.

  • Are we North Korea?

    For some crimes in North Korea, the perpetrators entire family can be put into prison camps. This includes children and even those children yet to be born. So basically a child can be labeled a criminal from the day they are born.

    What's the difference here? Is a white baby doomed to be hated and blamed for slavery simply because of his/her color?

    Posted by: WNV
  • No, Its in the past and progress has been made.

    Yes, there was much segregation and it only ended recently but that was gained due to effort and it was the entire goal of the movement. The goal that they were after was achieved so I believe that compensation shouldn't be pushed and the whites should not have to bear the burden of this. And now people neglect is not only the Africans who have been discriminated against. The whites can receive racial names such as "white trash" and "crackers" meanwhile a white man can say an insult against the Africans and even get national coverage as a racist. This has even gotten to a point I get nervous calling an African American "black" for fear I will be deemed a racist and I am not even full white. The scales have been balanced enough.

  • That was the past, and we cannot change what happened...

    I am tired of seeing people getting heated when discussing slavery, racist de jure laws, and de facto standards/discrimination that happened in the past. We should learn and grow from that, and realize how far this nation has improved in race relations. Also, it irks me when I do see some blacks get angry at white people for the past when they are not the same white people who enforced oppression many years ago. No one wants to be blamed for something he or she was not a part of.

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