• Yes I do.

    I have seen blondes run into someone on the street and say get out of the way druggie to a normal healthy person then preceded to trip over nothing and cry out of no where. It was just so dumb that I thought they had brain damage or something It was sad.

  • No, Look at Supermodel Elle Johnson

    Elle Johnson is a very famous Supermodel from Park City, Utah, USA, You can tell from her Facebook, Instagram & Twitter posts, That she is very intelligent and a kind caring person, In addition to being stunningly beautiful, She loves animals, And has a cute adorable female English bulldog named Maggie, Who some people call Miss Maggie

  • No but ditzy

    What I’ve noticed is that’s blondes are really book smart they just seem kind of airheaded sometimes. That being said obviously that’s not all blondes but I’ve met a lot of blondes with this kind of personality. Maybe they do it on purpose to be cute I’m not really sure

  • Blond people are smarter than people think

    Just because people are blond, does not mean that they are dumb. Blond people can be smarter than we all think, a lot of teachers are blond and some scientists are blond. Just because people are blond does not mean anything, they are as smart as any other human being.

  • Why would you ask this?

    Seriously? Hair isn't linked to the brain. I feel like this post isn't needed but whatever. It's just a stereotype that blonde people are dumb. Obviously, hair not linked to intellect, this is nowhere near the truth and will never be. I'd seriously like to know what you're thinking when you posted this.

  • Blonde people are just as smart as we are.

    I have a bunch of friends that are blonde, and they're the smartest people I know. YOU'RE HAIR ISN'T CONNECTED TO YOUR BRAIN. All your hair color comes from genes. Intelligence doesn't come from genes. You have to listen and learn to be smart, and your hair color has nothing to do with that.

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