Are Blu-ray discs superior to film as an artistic medium?

  • They are cleaner.

    Yes, Blu-ray discs are superior to film as an artistic medium, because they present the movie in a way that is not distorted. Film is nostalgic, but it has room for error. Blu-ray is cutting edge and top of the line in terms of quality. Blue-ray discs are digital, and they cannot be perverted or broken. They are just better than film in terms of quality.

  • Digital is better.

    Did you know that with film, a director can only shoot between 8 - 11 minutes at a time, but with digital technologies such as BluRay they can keep shooting almost forever? That's totally changing the artistic medium of the cinema in ways we are still figuring out. Therefore, BluRay is superior.

  • Blu-Ray Discs Beat Film

    In a general sense, Blu-Ray discs are far better than traditional camera film. Film is the best way to capture events, but Blu-Ray discs last longer and won't get destroyed slowly over time. A Blu-Ray disc is the best option for consumers because nobody would want to lug around film in order to watch a movie.

  • Blu-ray discs are superior to film as an artistic medium.

    Blu-ray discs are superior to film as an artistic medium. They are more affordable and flexible then film will ever be. They can not make the movie anymore pleasing to the eye but I think Blu-ray is about as near perfect as we can get without going to the movie theater.

  • It's more flexible.

    Software is available to process video to make it look like film, so nothing is lost in artistic expression. Nothing can be done to make film look like HD video. In addition, video is better because it is much cheaper. Film is too expensive for all but very high end users.

  • When it comes to movies and entertainment, no modium is superior

    They're all good in their seperate way. Dolby Stereo was good. Then there was Dolby Stereo Spectral Recording. Then Dolby Stereo Spectral Recording Digital. Then eventually Dolby. They were all interesting.

    Now I'm not exactly sure what Spectral Recording meant. I believe it was to reduce hissing (aka noise reduction). If I'm right or if I'm wrong and any of you know what Spectral Recording really was, and want to explain it in human terms (wikipedia doesn't cut it). Please drop some info.

    In the mean time. No.

  • Neither are superior

    Blu Rays are not better or worse than film, honestly, but film is a far better medium for art in general, especially is seeing in large screen or in theatrical setting. Ultimately, though, art can be seen in any medium, so its hard to say one is the best or worst.

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