Are Blu-ray discs too expensive for the average consumer?

  • Just like Beta - fail

    Yes too expensive, 83% of people won't buy it because it is way overpriced, You should be able to pick up any Blu-Ray for $5. Even the Blu-Ray players are twice that of regular DVD players. Also on the PC Blu-Ray is a DRM nightmare any way you look at it.

  • Studios Monopoly Greed

    They used to have great specials every week and now all prices are soaring. Movie studios get together to fix prices to the consumer making it almost impossible to get a decent price movie. My choice is not buying at high prices and since there is no specials there is no more new movies for me. With digital you are getting nothing and you are always required to have internet in order to watch your movies. Is like paying $100 a month just to have the right to watch your own movies.

  • For a format that has been around for over 10 years old, It has not been embraced by the masses.

    In the UK, DVD's are £10 and Blu-ray's are £15, And when discussing this point with other movie fans, Unless the film is a classic that will be watched over and over again, Why pay more to watch something only once? Especially when competing with services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other providers of HD films.
    The problem is that Blu-Ray is competing with the internet, And losing, Whilst DVD is happily consumed by the not very tech savvy, Just go to car boot sales and try to buy second hand copies, Even today in 2019 is it a challenge, But nearly everyone has second hand DVD's.

  • Definitely too high

    Yes, Definitely, Especially when you don't care about HD at all. SD is fine. And they've been out forever, Why hasn't the price come down at this point? Why are they still so expensive after years and years? Like, It's not even a new technology anymore. Blu-ray players are ridiculously expensive too. Like, Why are they all over a $100? That's silly. You can get a DVD player for like 20 bucks.

  • Too high for an average person

    I don't know if $30 for 1080p picture on your TV is worth it. I can only afford DVDs while an average American can. I see YouTubers everyday unboxing $100 3D Blu-rays (which is crazy). That's too expensive for an average consumer (like me). I think they should spend their money somewhere else. If only there was a cheap $5 format for an average customer (probably a DVD).

  • Blank blu-ray discs are prohibitively expensive

    Blank blu-ray is prohibitively expensive, while there are some benefits to have a physical copy of data as opposed to hdd/ssd, the cost per TB in blu-ray terms is at least £80, that's not taking into account discs lost though errors burning. HDD 1tb is less than £40, and easier to reuse and quicker to write to. Long-term storage is more cost effective and far easier using good decent a hdd backup system. They've killed this market by over pricing the product. It's old tech. Now and should be a fraction of the cost for blank media

  • Prices held high

    It is my belief that the prices are pitched to ensure that streaming services are attractive.
    Once the product is made, a licence is the most effective way to generate revenue on a digital product. Making physical copies adds all sorts of costs and physical media will have a diminishing market as time goes by as streaming is made cost effective.

  • Blu-ray movies are too much money.

    Blu-ray movies are too much money. I think this because almost every person has a DVD player in their house, they also have Blu-ray players. You do not need a Blu-ray player because for how much more money they are it is not worth all of that money for just a couple of features.

  • Bonus Features Not Enough

    Although the images on HD televisions are fantastic when Blu-ray discs are played, the average consumer doesn't want to pay $30 or more for such high quality. Otherwise, DVDs and digital copies wouldn't be so popular with consumers. Online streaming services are much more popular as the average consumer realizes there is only so much HD screens can offer aside from better quality.

  • Yes,blue ray discs are too expensive for the average customer.

    Yes,blue ray discs are too expensive for the averagfe customer.In todays economy people are rarely in the position to pay 30 dollars or more which turns out to be just a few hours of entertainment so most movie lovers choose the regular version which most people feel is just as good.

  • They are not

    No, I do not think that they are to expensive for the average consumer, but they are not really much better than dvd, and dvd's are a lot cheaper. So as a smart consumer, people tend to buy dvd's instead just so they can save money, and get the same quality.

  • They're not too expensive.

    BluRay discs are not too expensive for the average consumer. They're the same price as regular DVDs were, when they were the superior video format. Plus, you get a better picture with a BluRay disc. If you can't afford to buy a BluRay disc, then you probably shouldn't be owning a BluRay player to begin with.

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