• Some boarding schools, like Culver Academies, actually support family

    At Culver Academies, and most school like it, support family by urging parents to get involved in their child's life by attending their child's sporting events, clubs, and keeping themselves posted on what their child is doing and accomplishing. Culver Girls Academy has a dorm staff that includes a 'Dorm mom' in each dorm to help the girls with their laundry and cook for them when they are sad and listen to them. Each dormitory also provides the girls with a 'Dorm councilor' who helps the girls get their feelings out if they are having troubles and gives them an outsider's perspective on things.

  • Yes, they allow students to focus.

    Yes, boarding schools are better, because negative influences that students are often subject to at home are removed. If a student has a hard home life, they will not have it distracting them from their academic success. Peer pressure is also reduced, because people who go to boarding schools are usually more highly motivated.

  • Yes, Boarding schools are better

    In my opinion, Boarding schools are better option than other schools because in boarding schools education is really fantastic. Teachers are highly qualified, very helpful and supportive. All teachers give proper care and concentration on every student because they live far away from their homes. Students become self reliant and responsible. In Boarding schools students will get many opportunities for teamwork which can help them to increase their confidence level. Even, I also studied in DPS Badhani (DPSbadhani.Com), boarding school, and I have learned lots of stuff from there.

  • Boarding schools lack family

    Boarding schools are terrible. A child would have a difficult time growing up to feel loved and wanted if they were away at boarding school, rather than with their family. It would be better than staying with an abusive or neglectful parent, however generally, there is no way that boarding school is better.

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