• I would like to see some accountability.

    Bodycams show exactly what the police went through in a specific situation. Through the recordings, we'll be able to see how hostile any person may or may not have been. This will increase the accountability and transparency in the police force as we will know for sure if a police action was right or wrong.

  • Yes, bodycams are an effective police tool

    The use of bodycams are a useful tool for police as well as the public. The ability to view a police incident that is recorded by camera can be helpful for training purposes and for a legal case. It is also necessary for the police safety to defend their actions and have the camera record to support their job.

  • Police bodycams can help both police and the community

    Bodycams provide the transparency that can change the dynamic between police and the communities they serve. For police, bodycams can support their appropriate actions in high-risk situations that result in violence. For people in the community, bodycams can boost their trust of police and the criminal justice system. Coupled with community policing, bodycams can protect the rights of everyone.

  • Still doesn't tell the whole story.

    On paper body cams seem like the perfect problem solver for the current problem we're having with police brutality. But they still don't tell the whole story and a lot of times the officers forget to turn them on. If we could respect other human beings we really shouldn't need body cams.

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