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  • Yes, books are better for kids than television.

    Books have much more value for young minds than television programming does. While reading, a child's brain is more active, because the child must imagine the scene, the characters' movements, the tones of voice of the characters, and other aspects of what is playing out. While watching television, all of these are handed to them without requiring thought. Books help inspire the imagination, while the television does all the work on its own.

  • Books make children smarter and teach them.

    Children watch too much television. Books help them learn new things and blossom with intelliegence. Books also set a bright future for children by exersising the mind. It helps that there are many chapter books in the world working up through reading levels one by one. This is why I think books are better than television.

  • Definitely. Books are much better.

    Actual books, the paperback or hard cover kind, are the best way for children to learn. One; it helps them with understanding their native language, teaches them how to read and write, while looking at spelling. Television is just pictures in motion followed by sound. It is a bad way for children to grow up, can cause a lower IQ than one who reads a book. Also, sitting in front of a TV is lack of exercise and can cause a major weight gain if not restricted to a certain period of time. While reading a book, you can go anywhere at anytime (as long as you have light), enjoy the outdoors while beautiful nature surrounds you. Books contain wonderful stories, from fiction to nonfiction, any type of education is available through reading. It increases the intelligence of a child, and will help them out in the future. Books create imagination for a child on their own, they actually have to think and come up with ideas on their own. It's a great learning experience for all.

  • No, television is better for kids than books.

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Anonymous says2013-08-15T01:10:44.097
Better is relative. Some individuals may learn more with an audiobook or by having a book read to them rather than reading it themselves. Books are better for those who enjoy the reading and the tactile nature of a tangible bound script. Learning styles vary and an auditory medium may be more beneficial for those who respond better to, or simply prefer it. Television is better for illustrating concepts and vistas far outside the scope of one's recognition and imagination (e.G. A black hole in cosmology, cells and molecules in biology/chemistry, subatomic and quantum particles in physics, etc.). Better depends on the subject matter as well as the medium more suited to the end user/consumer.