• Books are better than technology

    Why should we watch TV when there are so many interesting books . Why should we use technical things when there are river of books some say that TV is better and some say that books are better but I known that books are obviously better. I think that we all should say books are better

  • Yes it is

    Books are better than T.V because T.V can cause so many problems like wastage of time, electricity and health. It influences negative appraoch for children, when they saw such an imaginative scenes they do same in real life as well and they can also watch bad things so thats not good for them.While book reading is more informative and cannot immerse bad things in the mind of children.

  • Books are so much better than television.

    Television rots your mind. When you are watching television you are not utilizing your brain, you are just absorbing things fed to you. When you read a book, you have to envision the story in your mind and act out the figures in your head. You use your senses to "see" the story.

  • No producers searching for ratings

    While television offers more bang-for-your-buck, what are you really getting? Can you honestly sum up a 500 page book (Grapes of Wrath) into a 2 hour movie? You can, but the information is diluted.

    Not only that but you kill creativity, vocabulary, and problem solving skills by not encouraging reading.

  • OF COURSE books are better than television

    I am a student of 4th my hobby is to read books i find a lot of fun and many interesting things by reading books BOOKS give us knowledge there are many type of books such as story books theoretical books poetry books etc. Many children read story books it improves our creativity imagination power grasping power etc the topics comes with the visuals it reduces our imagination power books improves our language and ability to read in the case of theoretical books such as dictionary it helps to find out many new words and improves our vocabulary in the case of poetry books it improves our vocabulary and a big part of imagination power time is an important part in our physical world in a tv if it takes half an hour to represent a program in a book it you can read that much content or the same content in half of that time through this we can save time once Albert Einstein told that logic will get you everywhere so we can love books

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  • Books are 100 and 1 percent better than tv

    You can read a book anywhere you go, You can place it in your bag and sometimes even in your pocket. Gives you a lot of information books like, Dictionaries, Thesaurus' and many more are very useful. You can make a book with just paper and a pencil. How about making a tv show

    i don't want to go on forever so i will stop here but remember books are so much better than tv
    ps: the 19% of y'all that voted no either haven't found the right book or are just pure lazy

  • Books are better than television

    It makes our own carrier by reading books, We help to gain knowledge by reading books whereas what we see on television is actually not real, It is just for entertainment and by watching those programs telecasted on tv will not make our future bright. We all have to become something in our life and this can only happen when we will read books and the ones who come on television has already struggled in their lives and has then come to television reality programs so they have also passed their life reading books to come o this successful point. Their is no disadvantage in watching tv for anyone as it relaxes our mind but it will affect when we misuse it that is watch beyond the limited period of time and this is even true for books even. Everything is fine about a certain amount beyond it is everything dangerous for us.

  • Books are better for you health!

    Research found that Alzheimer’s is 2. 5 times less likely to appear in elderly people who read regularly, While the TV was presented as a risk factor. Also, Books are relaxing. If you have high amounts of stress, Tv is most likely to make it worse. Books, On the other hand, Can reduce stress by 68%.

  • No, they're not.

    No, I do not think that books are better than television. I'm not a very avid reader, and when I do read a book, I'm a very slow reader. But I love a good comedy or drama series on television. It's easy to just forget your troubles for an hour and immerse yourself into another world, and television does that for me better than books.

  • No books are not at all better then television

    Books can never be better then television because tv always helps us to refresh oneself and never lat us be bore but if we compare books with television then it is clear that tv is far far better then books. Books r soooo boring to read and r soooooo sooooo long and so much to read whereas tv is very awesome and interesting to watch.............

  • Ofcourse for a human being to understand it has to use his/her brain

    Unless the brain is used no human being can understand any medium. Be it TV or books. By watching the television people can create a make believe situation and think. "What if they would go left? They would be saved, wouldn't they?" Even viewing tv requires brains. And moreover we can watch television in the dark. But to read a book you need the lights on. Which also wastes electricity.

  • No books are not better than television

    No, I do not think that books are better than television since tv gives you much more options that are both readily available and are free to many users. Books have their place in entertainment, I think that reading is not as popular as it used to be and has been replaced by television.

  • Television is better than books

    Television is more educating than books. Television has educating channels that make learning fun. It shows pictures, Drawings and videos which makes learning fun and easier to remember. Also you need a library to store books unlike television that takes small space. You can easily advertise your products and services on television than books

  • Books do not last very long

    Tv is better than books you can watch it instead of reading it and they also do not were as easily as books do. But they are more easier to break than books and they are also eco friendly because books use paper witch takes the trees away. .

  • Because it increases obacity

    Books improve our knowledge and we can get morals from the books which makes us a good citizen in our society and also a special person in our society also we can't get obacity and more last but not the least is that we should read books because knowledge is Devine

  • Because it increases obacity

    Books improve our knowledge and we can get morals from the books which makes us a good citizen in our society and also a special person in our society also we can't get obacity and more last but not the least is that we should read books because knowledge is Devine

  • TV is better in a lot of different ways.

    In my opinion I definitely think TV is better than books.

    If you watch TV and watch a few channels than you can easily can be inspired by a lot of different people, whereas books you can be inspired by only two people, the author and the illustrator.
    In conclusion Tv provides more variety.

  • No I do not like books

    Books are made out of paper which uses more trees. Trees are excellent for the environment, we need to keep trees. Trees help to prevent the earth from global warming.Tv use electricity which also affects the environment.The people who are blind need the tv because it has sound so they can hear.The people who are not good at imagining,they need the tv.

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isarica_2001 says2017-01-06T18:02:24.757
Reading is a very important activity and if people watch a lot of TV, they will lost the interest to read books, also some books have pictures so is not an excuse that you will understand better by seeing. The reason why I think books are better is because I don't like to read evem if it's good to my brain so I rhink I should get use to it and the same happens to many people