• Yes, books are the new vinyl.

    Reading is becoming obsolete. Forget about movies, you can download a whole book on kindle. Pretty soon our libraries will consist of CD's, computers, and Kindle's. Technology may be great, but we are losing our basics. Students are leaving school with the most basic reading skills. I, however, enjoy curling up in a chair and reading a good book.

  • Technology takes over

    Technology Is taking over our entire lives from the way in which we study to how we communicate and how we are entertained. We have become a generation who finds it easier to source information on computers than from books, read from tablets rather than books and find out the news headlines from phones rather than newspaper and magazines

  • Unfortunately, books are becoming the new vinyl.

    People are reading less and less these days, which reduces the need for hardback and paperback books. And with the new technological developments that can be introduced in the last few years, people can read their favorite books with their electronic devices. There are also audio books, which have been around for a while, but don't require actual reading, as the book is recited to the listener. Books, like vinyl records, will soon have collector's appeal.

  • No, books are not the new vinyl

    As it has been demonstrated many times through out history the book always trumps the movie. Even with the advancements in technology the content with in a book is one of the greatest forms of human interatction and intelligence. Regardless of the form (digital, audio, or paperback) books are creative works and have been around for a very long time and will continue to do so regardless of their form.

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