Are both modernity and society responsible for violence against women?

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  • No, misogyny is built into our culture throughout history.

    Violence against women springs out of the fear men have for their power and freedom to choose. So they have been kept in over thousands of years of history. Society is responsible now only so far as it stems from its historical roots which have always had a misogynistic bent and condoned in one way or another violence toward women.

  • There has always been violence against women

    In some ancient societies, women were considered property and did not have the same rights as men. Violence against women was common and often without consequences. In some Middle Eastern, Taliban and African and Indian cultures, violence against women remains common and often without consequences. Modern technology allows people to see more violence in general and there is more access to weapons. While some of our attitudes have changed, many have not, so modernity is not responsible for violence against women.

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