Are both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict acting like inmature, stubborn children with no intention of peace?

Asked by: JimMystic
  • Both Israelis and Palestinians have persistently refused to face up to their accountability in this whole decades-old debacle.

    While the Israeli Government's policies of occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem are not in the Palestinians' interest, they're clearly not in Israel's best interest, either. Yet, I also believe that the Palestinians, too, in no small ways, have contributed, even in the not-so distant past, to the predicament of statelessness and oppression that they are in. Unfortunately, however, both sides in this debacle have failed to get past the finger-pointing stage, and have refused to openly and squarely face up to their accountability in this whole debacle. If both sides were to do that, it would go a long way towards the establishment of a just and permanent peace between Israelis and Palestinians, in the necessary two-state solution, with Jerusalem as a shared State Capitol between Israel and the nascent State of Palestine.

    Posted by: mplo
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