Are bowl games in colder destinations where it might snow appealing to watch?

  • Yes, bowl games are appealing to watch in colder destinations.

    Yes, I think that bowl games are just as appealing to watch in colder destinations where it might snow as in some warmer destination. I would say it is just a matter of your personal interest in bowl games rather than the weather condition that influence your choice of games to watch.

  • Bowl Games in Snowy Weather

    For most states within the United States, football is associated with the coming of winter, and thus colder weather. Having a football game in eighty degree Fahrenheit weather seems, in a way, bizarre and out of season in the same way that having Christmas on a sandy beach in the same temperature is unappealing to some. So, it is only logical that bowl games are placed in colder destinations where Americans' expectations can be met. Also, if it does snow during the game, it adds an extra level of challenge for the players to overcome, and thus makes the game even more appealing to the viewers.

  • Snowy bowl games are exciting to watch

    Sports are all about toughness and persevering through pain and extreme playing conditions. I think that Bowl games played in colder destinations, especially when it is snowing, are a prime example of this and keep the holiday (especially Christmas) spirit going in the weeks right after Christmas and New Years.

  • I Feel Bad For the Players and Spectators

    Especially the spectators, at least the players are moving around. Not that this is an advantage because there are times when the players are moving around blindly through the snow storm. Also watching this on TV isn't great either at times you can't make out what is going on. For me unless you have arena where the roof can be closed in it isn't worth having the game in this area even if it is a bowl game.

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