• Boybands are making a comeback

    Once boybands started to die out, we thought it was the end of this era of music. But recently, boybands have started to make a comeback. In the 2000s the Jonas brothers became one of the only boybands of their time but now they are really coming back. With one direction, the wanted, the Jonas brothers, and many more boybands, teens of today are swooning over boyband members once again. It is safe to say that boybands are DEFINITELY making a comeback.

  • No, people want to see people play music.

    People these days are more interested in true musicians than boy bands. They admire the total music experience that someone who plays and instrument and sings can give them, and not just some cute boys that dance around and can lip-sync. Boy bands are a thing of the past, and are really no longer relevant in the music world.

  • No comeback for the boy bands.

    Boy bands went out with the nineties, and they are not making a comeback. The "boys" are now men. The same is with grunge or punk. It's out. It was a fad at the time, but we have moved on. Hairbands are also out, but heavy metal is here to stay.

  • Boy bands are not making a comeback

    While there is plenty of good music being made by "boys" it is generally from solo artists or in collaboration with another artist. At this time there are not traditional boy bands making any chart topping music. There are not boy bands with large followings. There are not boy bands that teenage girls can't get enough of. I would argue that right now girl bands are actually the trend.

  • No, Boy Bands Are Not Making a Comeback

    Simply by looking at the bands that have generated nearly all of the music over the last 3 decades, where would anyone say the “boy bands” have gone? By definition a “boy band” is a 3 to 6 member ensemble of musicians making popular music, whether it’s rock, pop, or today’s trend – hip hop. Boy bands are not making a comeback today, because they never went anywhere to begin with. Something has to have left, or disappeared from the scene for a period of time, then returned, to constitute a “comeback”.

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