• Well yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->

    But boy would eventually evolve and have no need for girls. As well animals would also evolve and have no need for the female specimens. As well we would evolve past sex and have no need for it. So girls just think it could go either way boys would evolve if there were no girls and girls would evolve if there no boys also girls would STILL have a craving for sex.

  • No way HOSEY

    What the. Excuse me but without girls, all the boys would die out. Imagine your an alien and you come to earth. Big sign saying'WELCOME TO EARTH POPULATION ZERO BECAUSE THE WOMAN WERE KILLED BECAUSE WE ARE A CURSE. Uh no. So in summary, GIRLS ARE NOT A CURSE BECAUSE WE ACTUALLY SAVED PLANET EARTH. WE WILL NOT BE SHAMED BY ALIENS NOW.

  • Both boys and girls can be curses.

    Whether a child is a curse or a blessing really depends on the personality of the child. Both boys and girls can be hard for their parents. Girls can get unexpected pregnancies, but boys tend to be more violent and have more disciplinary problems. Boys can also be responsible for unexpected pregnancies.

  • No, girls are not a curse.

    Boys are not any easier or harder to raise than girls are. Both boys and girls have their own challenges to overcome, and both girls and boys come with their own problems that have to be dealt with. Both boys and girls, however, can be wonderful individuals, and both genders have something to contribute to society and a family.

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