• They are absolutely!!!!!!!

    Girls are better than boys. Look at it from this perspective. Girls are very neat and tidy, as well as well mannered and respectful. Boys, most are naughty and get in trouble more often than girls do. Girls are the only one who can have kids to grow the population.Also I got in Brisbane High and so did all the other girls did but not one single boy did. Boys are stronger but that doesn't always mean power and the best. Girls come and stand and show what we are!!! Creativity for one is a special talent girls are brought up with. Fluency is perfect. Pretty hair and a much better taste in fashion and cooking, and obviously a better person!! Girls are what we call the first class. There is a saying 'Ladies first' but no 'Men first' in any of our everyday language.Girls make better choices, for the future and cares about others as well as themselves. Girls have a good will to be who they are and have a true spirit. Not many girls steal or do any thing bad unless told. They have a mind which is well used. Girls have a talent of their own. They have a spirit. Come on girls! Show the boys who we are!

  • We are Beats

    Well boys are beats at everything and girls just dont cut it, plus boys win girls drool. Boys are beasts BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEATS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS ARE BEASTS BOYS RULE CUASE WE ARE BEASTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God is a man

    If you think about it God is a man without man (God) there would be no woman. All woman care about is the outside (fashion) men we are less emotional about dumb things and are more strong and protective girls are little weaklings who scream if someone touches them. With men it's a different story we bash whoever touches us. Just remember God is a man.

  • Boys are important

    Girls always say with out them their would be no people alive today. But really it's in the men before the women also we are stronger faster and smarter. Also all girls do is sit at home all day while the men are at their job making money for the family so girls shut up and go back to the kitchen!!!

  • Boys are better than girls and I have evidence.

    Male is the biologically superior sex
    Greetings. I would like to present a slightly more eloquent and tactful argument for my standpoint on thos fascinating topic. Firstly, I would like to make it clear that this does not represent my views. Girls Rule! On to the debate.
    I will focus on three main aspects: intelligence, physical capability, and contribution to society. Firstly, intelligence. Most people will tell you that girls are smarter than boys. A study by Dr. Paul Irving and Dr. Richard Lynn,published by the British psychological journal, states that the opposite is true. Despite the fact that girls get slightly better grades, males, on average, have a higher IQ than girls by about 5 points. Also, for every female genius (155+ IQ) there are 5.5 male ones. This irrefutable evidence shows that, with many exceptions, men are on average more intelligent. The grades are merely a product of an educational system geared towards females.
    Second, men are stronger, on average, than women. The contributions of a physically strong population are innumerable; a balance of brains AND brawn is essential to any civilization's survival. Men have used their strength to benefit their civilizations on countless occasions, and pure, testosterone-fueled manpower allowed humans to thrive long enough for me to write this argument.
    Finally, the contributions of women to society, however great, are not as numerous as those of men. Men have ruled most of history's great empires; Men made the lightbulb, the telephone, modern quantum theory. The list is practically endless. Great men were famous for what they did; many great women were famous simply because they were women, or they helped women.
    I hope this argument has effectively cleared up our stand on the topic. I look forward to your rebuttal.

  • Yes and that because

    Because all girls do is talk about there problems while boys just talk about cool things and don't have to carry no babies aND just hang out while girls there are just sitting there wondering where the man is and whats he doing why the babies and her are worried as can be. Boys are better than girls I'm a girl and I think that

  • Yes boys are better then girls.

    You have to worry when you raise a girl that she doesn't get prego, you have to constantly worry even when they are older that they don't get a boyfriend that is abusive. You have to make sure that they are fully educated because they will need it to survive in this world, plus more then not they will make unfair wages just because they are a girl.

    Whereas boys they might be hyper when young, but when they get older you never have to worry about them.

  • Boys of course are. Many boys have achieved more, invented more things, than girls.

    See. Every classroom I have, there are boys who are smarter at maths, science, English and so fourth. Boys are much fitter, and, because of the shoulders being wider,there's room for extra muscle, therefore, increasing strength more than girls. Boys have been highly more successful than girls at so many things. And, girls panic at the slightest problem. It takes a lot for a boy to panic. That being said, boys these days are doing more jobs, like cooking, unpacking supplies and cleaning. Girls are just the smiling cash register people. They aren't doing as much as the boys. Boys can do whatever girls do, and beyond. Girls won't be able to keep up with us. Finally, we boys have a better chance of being nerds, and getting a successful job, than girls. Girls just spend hours at shopping centres, crying at emotional stuff and doing weird things that nobody understands. Boys are hard working, less emotional and do things that is logical.

  • Yes they are

    Boys are better because girls are so prissy.Nobody likes girls they are so emosinal.I like wrap and girls can be party poopers.I mean some girls are cool but some can be butts ya.Oh and if you don't know I AM a girl and geuss what I want to be a boy I am weird and i like it.

  • A a a

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  • Girls rule.Boys stink!

    Bases on what I know girls are polite,sweet,and get good education.When you go to the dentist or doctor,think of what more of a gender?Female or male?You may think (Boys to be exact)that Boys are stronger,but that does not mean any things or cuter.All they care about is their looks.That Pretty dumb.All they care about girls is their looks,not what is on the inside.If you believe me,you can agree and every one else.See Boys your useless

  • Come on this isnt even a question

    1. We get to drink fruity, delicious cocktails without getting mocked by our friends.

    2. Boobs.

    3. We have so many more options for clothing than guys do.

    4. We smell awesome.

    5. It doesn’t sound gay when we comment on the attractiveness of a member of the same sex.

    6. We can get things for free if we flirt with the waiter for long enough.

    7. We never have to pay for our own drinks.

    8. We don’t have to suppress our emotions.

    9. Pinterest.

    10. We get out of speeding tickets easily.

    11. Lacy panties.

    12. Everything we could ever need is in our purse.

    13. A man will do almost anything for you if he thinks he’s going to get laid.

    14. We make manipulation an art form.

    15. Our wedding day is really all about us.

    16. Most days are really all about us.

    17. There’s no such thing as a short woman’s complex

    18. Heavy things are for guys to take care of.

    19. So are spiders.

    20. An ugly girl can become passable with the right hair and make-up, an ugly guy is just fucked.

    21. We live longer.

    22. No matter how small your hands are, nobody wonders how small anything else is.

    23. PMS is a legal defense for murder.

    24. We always have company in the bathroom.

    25. There’s not a girl equivalent for whiskey dick.

    26. We can be aroused in public without being arrested.

    27. Never having to open a door.

    28. Pedicures.

    29. We understand the power of a good hair day.

    30. We look awesome naked.

  • Not at all!

    Girls have done so many amazing things in the history of the world!!! Without girls, all of you boys out there would never have been born, just saying. Like without Albert Einsteins mom, there would be no Albert Einstein! The world would simply have no population without girls! Case closed.

  • It's not they are equal...Girls are better

    Often we seem to hear from boys "I like that girl.I wish she was my gf" but never from a girl "oh..I wish he was my bf "also often boy kneels down and proposes.. In movies ,we never see a girl bending to propose .This is where boys stand . Kneeling before girls.. WE GIRLS RULE ... Girls are always more sincere ..Better dressing sense. So girls are not eqal but superior...:)

  • This choice is obvious...

    Girls are very smart. Most leading women are CEO s of companies. They have to go through a lot such as childbirth, child care, diapers, and the worst of them all: Men. That's right boys, us women don't do a ton of work on something; we get it right the first time (mainly).

  • Girls are better than boys

    I mean I'm a 12 year old girl so of course I would say go girls. But it's been scientifically proved we live longer and are smarter along with being more likely to get jobs and we have to deal with way more things than boys and they complain !!! Go Girls !!

  • Why would boys be better than girls?

    What I do not understand is that is there anything a girl can not do that boys can? Wait let me think... Nope, is their anything a girl can do that boys can not do... YES!!! It is called GIVING BIRTH TO MALES AND FEMALES...So technically without women, men would not even exist. Also if God is SOOO perfect then why would he rate women LOWER than men. That just does not make sense, unless the bible or whatever text you are reading is true but the person who wrote it was a MAN who wanted to write down that women were worse than men for his own personal thoughts on what should be in the sacred text. It also states in the Koran that Muhammad DID NOT KNOW HOW TO READ OR WRITE. So that means he ASKED someone for help, so that person could have just written down whatever he/she liked. If you have not noticed, why you do not see women playing baseball or football is because we either 1) never get the chance because there are people who would literally kill us if we did or 2) People in this world are yes, BIASE by saying girls can not play sports because they are not 'good' enough. THe funny thing is MEN DONT EVER GIVE US A CHANCE TO DO ANYTHING. So yeah. I believe that both men and women should be treated equally and thought of as equals.

  • That is soooooooooooooo wrong. Girls are much better than boys. Girl rock and get better grades, we are cleaner to.

    Girls ruuuuuuuuulllllllllllleeeeeeeee! Boys drool sssssssoooooooooo much. : ] ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Girl are much ore mature and don't get bad grades. Did you know girls lie 2% less than boys? I think there should be a girl as president, besides they are more clever

  • Boys aren't better than girls you boys couldn't do anything without us

    I am a girl I take I offensive that there are no girl job emogis and they say you fight like a girl you run like a girl you throw like a girl good at least I don't throw as bad as a boy I do take it offensive I have a ? Why do people think there better any way

  • Boys are not better than girls

    Boys are not better and girls are not better, they are both the same and it depends, some boys are tidy some are not, some girls are good and some are bad, it all depends both can be strong if they wanted to be just train, and some girls act like boys.

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