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Boys are just better

  Of course boys are more hardworking Leo boys are a sweet super nice boys can only help increase the population ok also boys have a higher IQ than most women also boys are just better at also it everything ok and they should have to let all boys be better
Starlord616 says2020-10-21T07:02:07.247
"boys are more hardworking"
Gender has no connection to the work ethic of an individual

"boys can only help increase the population"
men are not required for human reproduction

"also boys have a higher IQ than most women"
An IQ test measures your reasoning and problem-solving abilities. This in no way demonstrates how intelligent anyone is. Furthermore, In the last 100 years, The IQ scores of both men and women have risen, But women's have risen faster to the point where most women actually score higher on IQ tests than men.

"boys are just better at also it everything"
not a substantial argument without specific examples or evidence
AmoungUsBean says2020-10-21T21:46:11.730
The IQ part does not make sense. Just because your a boy does not mean you're smarter than a girl.
Fazel says2020-10-21T23:00:25.017
This post was only made from biased opinions. Therefore weak in an argument making this post worthless.
Shamayita says2020-10-22T07:43:47.630
This is just a weak argument. All of what u said have no basis at all.
Its odd that you say boys are more hardworking. Cause I don't think gender has any impact there.
bobfasdfsadf says2021-02-04T17:58:29.213
Well I voted no but to people saying that males aren't required for reproduction I think that they are(I could be wrong)
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