• LMao this is funny

    U guys act like 3 year olds LOL
    u guys act like 3 year olds LOL
    u guys act like 3 year olds LOL
    u guys act like 3 year olds LOL
    u guys act like 3 year olds LOL
    u guys act like 3 year olds LOLu guys act like 3 year olds LOL

  • Stop spamming on the yes side, Also Both are good

    They are both good. We all heard those stereotypes that make no sense. And the reason I said boys? Welp I am a boy. And guys stop saying stink that's just plain rude. Boys are not useless and girls are not useless, Both are good. And here's some facts: thought girls are always slimmer than boys? Welp your wrong, Boys can be slim too. And before you said lady's first, Lets change that to all genders first. Boys also don't always slopp off and even though girls can smell more, That more it a tiny bit more, Making a minor advantage. Girls can be slimmer faster, But that does not mean boys can. Also girls have more emotions. What we should focus is less about what gender is better and more on how stores trick our gender. Take those shavers that men and woman use. In the girls ad, The shaver looks weak and easy to break, While men look hard and cool and dull. I think we should stop that and the most surprising thing, Men's goods are cheaper than girls! How unfair that is. And even though I am a boy, I think we should stop with these girl tactics found in supermarkets and anywhere else shall we?

  • Boys r better

    Girls are gross. I’m an in second grade and i never want to be near a girl. PU! I don’t know what PU mean I just know that its bad. PU PU PU PU i have to type because the there is a limiting for the minimum un ok ok

  • We boys rule for life

    Boys rule girls stink because boys are better than girls just fact it we boys will always be better and you people are saying that women and girls are better yeah right boys and men are better in so many reasons why just accept the fact that boys and men are better

  • Boys are bette than girls

    Boys tend to be better than girls since boys don’t have to give birth are very tough brave and strong ok and they are ok gosh I think that corporal punishment should be ok gosh I think that corporal punishment should be ok gosh I think that corporal punishment should be ok gosh I think that corporal punishment should

  • Oh come on

    Isn’t this obvious we should all vote yeah on this question because boys tend to be funnier taller very tough and very brave shut up girls they think that they are better girls are just inferior and useless any way ok boys are better in so many and and many reasons

  • Boys are better

    Because boys are way better than girls girls on the other hand are stupid boys are smarter boys are stronger superior in every way of life than girls boys are better for many reasons ok just accept it we boys are bette ethan you shut up girls ok ok ok

  • Simply because their egos aren't as overinflated

    Each gender has a place in society, But girls wish to have absolutely everything. I've even seen some comments by obvious feminists suggesting that boys should be eradicated. These idiots would prefer to have only their gender and have the entire human race die out instead of having both genders. Also, How many "girls rule" slogans, Songs, Clothing, Etc. Are there compared to something like "boys rule? " I've never even seen one of those, While everything is about empowering girls. Take the way it was meant to be and don't be greedy.

  • Duh! Duh! Duh!

    Who made of the word girly? Girls! All of them are PINKY LOOKS EW LOL! What the f**k? ! Ugh why do they live! No one knows. . . . . . . . I say YES! DOY! Good grief my sister is proof! KILL HER! ALL GIRLS! BoYS RULE! Hi, I am Addison and girls suck and are VERY girly

  • Boys are better

    To all you feminisms out there we boys will always be superior and of course better so yeah boys will always be superior in every way of life boys will always be better than girls ok girls are stupid boys are smart boys are powerful boys never give up boys are genius in everything and anything

  • Why are we even debating this?

    Everyone is probably at least a little bias based on their gender but there are guys out there who believe we are equal too. Someone on the other side said girls were useless, But guys wouldn't exist without girls and vice versa. Plus it only says 70% said yes because the same person obviously spammed their opinion in it. There are two other people that weren't the person who spammed, But you can tell that one person spammed because it literally says the same thing each time. Majority of people were born by coming out of their mothers, Who spent 9 months with the child leeching the body's resources. . . Wait that makes babies sound bad. . . They aren't and that wasn't the point. The point is that people are under-crediting women/girls. For centuries people thought of men as better than women but women can do most things men can do and men can do most things women can do (though there are some things one can do that the other can't because of how our bodies work). Even with all this, We are still all humans, Some good, Some bad, Some smart, Some dumb, But it's not gender that decides this. There are smart boys, There are dumb boys, There are smart girls, And there are dumb girls. Even if it seems like a lot of girls/boys have a specific thing about them that makes you like/dislike them, That is just those girls/boys, Not all of them. Don't base people off of what you have known people to be like because they may be different. Your gender shouldn't have to hold you back. Everyone is equal, But humanity just decides not to see it that way.

  • Equality will never be achieved if each gender tries to prove the other is less superior.

    This question is blatantly sexist, Therefore I will not waste my time arguing with 13-year-old boys. Each gender has its own areas of superiority over the other. Men tend to be more physically aggressive than women. This could be beneficial in areas such as being a member of the Army. Women tend to understand emotion and body language better than men. This aids them in the area of growing their relationships. However, These are not stereotypes that apply to the entire gender. There are men that are more sentimentally understanding than some women. On the other hand, There are some women who are more aggressive than men. Therefore, To make a statement that "boys are better than girls" is nearly impossible to prove. Gender only plays such a big role in the personality and developmental level of a human.

  • Nope, No and No Again

    Boys are in no way better than girls and will never be. 100 years ago, Those poor lambs were given the illusion that they were and now that they know they’re not, They can’t deal with it. So, I get that you’re all idiots who for their mental health need to feel superior, But you’re not so you can either admit or carry on moping. Both genders are equal and nothing you say can change that. 😉

  • If anything, It's the other way around. But I think they're both equal.

    There seems to be a large amount of troll posts on this site, But I'll explain anyways. Both sexes are equal. There is no evidence that men are smarter than women, Both sexes can be strong, Both sexes can be emotional. . . The list goes on. But if anything, Women should be treated with higher regards than men, Because they are the ones who bring our children into the world. I'm sure if we did it over again, There's a good chance we'd get a female-dominant society.

  • They are equal

    I think this largely depends on what gender you have, But I think this whole debate is wholly SEXIST and that the people who say boys are better than girls are all SEXISTS and they are discriminating genders. We can't say which is better than what. BOYS AND GIRLS, MALES AND FEMALES ARE EQUAL and we shouldn't argue against that, Because that's what it says in UN's human rights.

  • We're all Human

    I will start by saying that, Even if this question was "are girls better than boys" I would still reply in the negative. In terms of what is relevant in modern society, Namely intelligence, Boys and girls are equal. Despite data showing that boys and girls think differently, Our brains are about the same. Now, If you are to give a more detailed question my opinion may change. If the question was "are boys physically stronger than girls" obviously the answer would be yes. If the question was "Do females have a longer average lifespan" once again, The answer would be obviously yes. Both of those things are scientific questions. This, However, Is not.

  • What the hell are you thinking?

    Yeah, I know that girls can be absolute trash and that most of them get off too easy in the West. That doesn't change the fact that men can be absolute trash and are more likely to actually end your life, Even if I'd prefer that to wanting to end my life (which is an effect of being near some of the nastier women. ) I say this as a biological male who never transitioned and never will. F**k, Most actual sexists are smarter than this.

  • I am A BOy

    Ok ok, I think girls are better than boys for many reasons. . . BUT I am a team boy cause. . . I am a boy. Girls are smarter and nicer than boys look it up it is true. Ok SO GOO TEAM BOYS AND GIRLS ok that's it ok ok ok. . . YOu can stop now

  • Why girls and boys are equall

    Maybe boys might be stronger and their brains might be 10% bigger but that might they be filled with the dummies. Girls are stronger than boys in the mental part and plus it's scientifically proven that girls mature faster than boys. BUT I'm not here to criticize anyone we should have peace

  • Girls rule. Boys stink!

    Bases on what I know girls are polite, Sweet, And get good education. When you go to the dentist or doctor, Think of what more of a gender? Female or male? You may think (Boys to be exact)that Boys are stronger, But that does not mean any things or cuter. All they care about is their looks. That Pretty dumb. All they care about boys is their looks, Not what is on the inside. If you believe me, You can agree and every one else. See Boys your u

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