• Both in their own ways

    These questions are So controversial I don't know where to start. . .

    Both boys and girls are good, I just choose boys because I am a boy. Also I don't think all boys just slopp. And boys sometimes can work harder than girls, Ether way, Both are strong and weak in their own ways,

  • Yes boys are better than girls

    It was recently proven by my nibba Elon Musks' satellite imaging that the average grade school girl in a middle income family will end up going to Jupiter to get more stupider. Meanwhile in today's society a boy in similar circumstances will go onto college to get more knowledge. Also girls like men which means they are gay. The only solution/final solution is for all men to date femboys instead of females.

  • I have more to say from my original both in there own ways

    After some time from my original post I have more to say. First off not all boys slopp that's just a stereotype. This also applies with flexibility, And boys can be slim. Yes I know that lady's first rule but what about boys, They come second? All people should come first. Also boys can work harder than girls, Like where did you even find that girls can work harder when boys can? And even though woman can smell better, Its very slightly better than men, Making a minor advantage. Both should be treated equally. Yes I understand how boys treated girls in the 20th century (1900's) but boys have moved on mostly. And one more thing, Boys can be organized too, Not just girls, Ether way, Both are good and bad at their own things, Which make them unique.

  • I say no!

    Girls just are. They're better because they have to work harder than boys, Are more organised and King Henry VIII was hated AND a boy. Girls also have a lot of flexibility and smell better. Bathroom included. Besides, GIRLS RULE! They do and no take-backs. Boys tend to just slopp about while us girls have tidyness. BOOM.

  • This is a stupid question but, Here is my answer:

    I do not think that any of those is superior to one another, But they certainly do have differences and their weaknesses vary. As a girl, I would suggest that both are good in their own ways, Even so, I think that gender does not play a huge roll in life.

  • Voting yes in this case is taking a direct stance and claiming that being a man makes you intrinsically superior to women.

    If you vote yes, You are arguing that boys are better than girls, Undermining the concept of gender equality. Some opinions on the yes side in this case are clearly misguided in that they argue for equality, Yet choose the answer that goes directly against those ideals.

    If you vote no, You are arguing either:
    a. Boys and girls are equal; therefore, Neither can be inherently better than each other
    b. Girls are better than boys.

    While the latter answer is ideologically flawed, The former is ultimately what most people should be arguing for. By voting no, You do not admit girls are better than boys, But merely that boys aren't better than girls, Implying equality.

    Now, Let's discuss why this question is a vehement no. This question relies on over-generalizations and stereotypes that cannot possibly accurately portray every girl and every boy. To argue that boys are better than girls requires you to accurately represent the positive and negative values of each gender, Which is impossible considering the large scope and the massive differences between societies and cultures.

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Ocean-Beach says2021-05-28T18:34:25.067
They are equal. I just don't feel like writing a paragraph, So. . .

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