• Boys are smarter better and quicker than all girls and we have our brains

    Girls are dumb boys are smart girls are only pretty nothing else boys are more talented then any girl why should this be a question if boys are all smarter and better in every way this is my statement boys rule girls drool a all day so boys are better.

  • Girls are important to!!

    Girls and boys who are reading this girls are just as important then boys. Girls have done lots to help societys. Look in your schools how many men teachers are there and how many womens teachers are there. There are more women then boys that shows that women get as much education then boys . Listen to this guess who was the first prime minster Kim Campbell a girl no BOY! Don't just say guys are more important just because you are a guy check at your opinions and your perspectives before you say anything I am a girl I am not just saying this because I am a girl but I am saying because boys aren't the whole world. Yeah so who cares theres more boys in your class then girls that doesn't show you that boys are more important that just shows the mom had a baby not a girl change your opinions and perspectives to girls to men and girls are just as important

  • Boys are pivotial for survival

    The reason why boys are more important in society versus girls in they tend to attract more attention than girls. Boys tend to be loud and assertive while a lower number of girls share these traits. The boldest, most dominate of men tend to be excellent providers for their family.

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  • Don't let the nay sayers get to you

    People say boys are better because they are stronger and do more (that's what I heard) and I thinks that's bull who cares if men are stronger but that is an opinion as freak strength isn't only muscle you know. There are pretty smart females out there and I believe in brains over broad all day any day. So the people there sexist comments to themselves. Plus why are people saying boys are better then girls wasn't it the men who rape women though not all of them but a lot do. And please people stop thinking women are weak because we don't like violence and don't fight and don't take part in it it's not our faults that us women believe in peace. Because I sure do. And remember this there are plentiful of women who take part in the war as soldiers. So how's that weak??? US WOMEN WILL RISE!!!!!

  • Boys are better than girls in the society

    Guys rule the world right from the time of our ancestors, it is believed that guys are more important than the girls to parent and equally to the society. When we look at great men in history of the world like Thomas Edison. Henry Ford and many more, when we look deeper into their background, we find out that most of them are from poor background and that they struggled very hard to get to where they got to in life,which means that men are much more tougher and hardworking, and those are the kind of people the world is looking up to.

  • Both are important of course!

    Both are important we can't imagine the world without girl or boys.We are equal .All have the rights to be in this world .If you think it is a shame for those parents who gave birth to girls then is this the same who gave birth to PV Sindhu,kalpana chawla,Kamaladevi and Sania Mirza.I don't mean girls are only important but girls too.

  • Boys are important

    Girls are dumb boys are smart girls are only pretty nothing else boys are more talented then any girl why should this be a question if boys are all smarter and better in every way this is my statement boys rule girls drool a all day so boys are better.

  • Boys are also great

    Boys are hardworking and way much technical than the girls .Without the male children work will not be done effectively in the society .Just imagining a world without male children it would be a total disaster because females can't do the twice of work we can do.I rest my case

  • Boys appreciate both the genders but girls dont

    "Many boys give respect to girls and also support them,but many girls whom I have observed in this blog only support their gender . They never ever appreciate boys,intead they just count importance of woman in society.But society has flourished mainly dut to male gender,Iam not a gender discriminator but it is the survey which confirms the fact.Every Woman needs equal rights" is the demand of
    Females.They need higher jobs in mnc,companies only that specifies equality but they dont want equal rights for small jobs like driving bus,cleaning,etc than put your equal rights in your ass.

  • Both are amazing

    I believe both genders are just as important, I am a male and I believe that it doesn't matter what gender you are we are all equal and important :) and it's terrible to think someone else is better because of a stupid gender. So we're all amazing !!! !!!

  • Boys do the same

    I know that a girl but boys are more important because they have balls ever seen a girl with ball and who got kicked in it so the boys are more important than the girls so the girls have a fungi they don't get hurt like the boys do .

  • Boys aren't even needed anymore.

    Modern technology allows the whole male population to die out, and for the species to still survive. If the whole female population died out, however, the species would cease to exist. Some may think that boys are stronger, smarter, and thus required for survival, but no. Did you know that nearly all the bullies are boys? They bully each other as well as girls. In short, we don't need boys, and they just cause violence and chaos. They're lucky they aren't wiped out yet.

  • Boys are important too!

    Boys are important too, they need confidence boosters too, Some girls decide to bully them, People are unfair to them in this world. So think about what you were saying, It's like that unfair, racial commercial called #likeagirl. The men are losing love from people, thanks to women, So think Boys are important too.

  • Girls are just as Important as guys

    First of all girls suffer every month with a problem so therefor they are pretty brave !πŸ‘Š more girls go to college than boys do !πŸŽ’πŸ““ Girls are also a main part of the reproduction system !πŸ‘Ά there are A LOT of women who have done something for our country and proven people wrong ! For example rosa parks stood up for black people ! Amelia Earhart flew around the world to make sure it was possible she risked her life to prove to people that she could do it !!! That shows some bravery ! I think I've made my point thank you !!! πŸ‘πŸ’

  • Girls are more important.

    Boys are a more of a burden on schools, the mental health profession, hospital care, and the justice system than are girls. They compensate for their natural inadequacies by unnecessary displays of dominance that harm girls and themselves. On top of all that, males contribute little to reproduction and the perpetuation of the species anyways to offset the costs, and much of this role can now be achieved without direct male involvement. Even nature seems to assume that girls are more important by conceiving slightly more boys and allowing fewer of them to survive to maturity than girls. Girls have better outcomes and even attend college more. Boys are still important for species survival, but we could probably get by as a species, and even be doing better than we currently are with far fewer of them.

  • Nothing more, nothing less, they're both equal

    There are a lot of things about females and males. Males have the strength and females have the flexibility. (That's all I know ._.) I believe that girls are important, but so are guys. Think about it. If people believe girls are better just because they produce babies then you're slightly incorrect. Yes, they hold the babies, but the males also help make them. Without guys then there would've been no people, same thing with girls.

  • Girls are important

    I am a girl and i not only supported the motion no, as i am a girl . But i supports the motion that the females are tasked with keeping our species alive as a whole through reproduction.The girls might get pregnant before marriage is the fear of parents but they do not think that really it was the mistake of boys ,boys are responsible for creating a pregnancy.Girls are now able in this age of economic crisis to become a support for her family .So girls are more important than boys.

  • They are all Equal

    It all depend on the culture of the person.
    Girls were (and with some jaahil people) still are considered a burden to the parents. Why? Because of dowry/jahez that the parents have to arrange when getting her married. Another reason is the belief that girls will leave their parents' home and go to another home. Whereas a son will stay with his parents and financially support them when they grow old. And yet another reason is that a boy will continue the family name by having children.

    This view that boys are more important than girls is so deep-rooted in society.....And has existed from pre-Islamic times. Even European kings would behead their wives for not producing a son because a son was needed to become heir to the throne and also to continue the family lineage. Thankfully Islam elevates the status of women, but unfortunately peole still hold ignorant views.
    However in Akan culture of the people in Ghana, they consider female to be more important than male due to their matrilinear inheritance.

    In today's society, there is a greater focus on independence. And many "only sons" choose to live independently from their parents after marriage. And girls are becoming more educated and independent as well and if need be....Can help support their families. Times are changing. Some parents fear having a girl because of the thought that she might get pregnant before marriage. But....While a son can't get pregnant.....He can be responsible for creating a pregnancy. Some believe that girls are more expensive to raise than boys.....This is a subjective matter. A boy and girl are different, there are blessings in each. Parents' love should be unconditional.

  • Girls are more impotant.

    I am a male myself however I believe females are more important to society than males. They are tasked with keeping our species alive as a whole through reproduction. Thanks for modern science males are not even technically required for this process any more either. If males don't need to be in the equation for species growth, then females are obviously more important.

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