• Girls are best

    Girls are of course more important what is there to prove in it .Girls perform every task more carefully than do boys. They are creative and use brain above power where needed. Girls above all are a good human being than boys.They keep love and peace every where in world.

  • They are EQUAL

    All of these yessers are 11 year old girls. Really, that should be enough to prove my point that this site is dominated by pre/teen girls whi just suffered ANOTHER middle school/high school breakup (you know, the ones that last ten seconds,) and are REALLY mad at the male gender. Oh well, what are you going to do? It's not like the world's smartest human is a guy, and the world's fastest human is also a guy...

  • Boys are not more important in the home than girls.

    Girls are more important at home than boys. Traditionally, women did housework. Although this view is outdated, women are still better at taking care of children. Obviously, only a mother can breast feed. Also, many parents would never trust a man as a children's caretaker. Women are better suited to childcare and babysitting.

  • No, they are never because girls are the ones that bear and carry the pains of pregnancy.

    Girls are home makers first of all, they are more loving and caring, they bear the pains of child-birth, they cook our food,they bathe the babies, they go to the market and buy the foodstuffs for the family, they do the general housework, they spend more time with the children and inculcate values in them,they teach them how to be godly and solicit for them in their wrong doings and also discipline them.

  • Girls are more important in the home.

    Studies have found that girls, and particularly having two girls, make for the happiest parents. Other studies have found that girls help out more around the house and are overall easier to raise. On the other hand, boys tend to get into more fights, are more accident prone, and are lazier than girls.

  • They are not and would never be.

    Girls are meek, gentle and neat. They help with the household chores. They prepare for skills for training their own children. They are more mature than boys in areas of decisions. They are found out to be more obedient, truthful and respectful. They excel more in academics than boys.
    , from a girl of 11 , Gabriella.

  • No they are not.

    Both sexes are equally important in the home. Both sexes are humans and can do basically the same things. A women can protect the home just as well as a male if she is trained to do so. A male can cook just as well as a female, if he learns how.

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