Are boys under as much pressure as girls to look good

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  • Boys have it worse

    I am an above average height male with an incredibly low bmi. This causes many to comment on my "scrawniness" and generally assume that I am weak. It doesn't help that my Irish skin resists tanning os everyone calls me a pasty white nerd completely rudely. Boys are also expected to just take it all and accept that while getting shown pictures of the "perfect boy" everywhere. Plus boys also get completely forgotten when people try to empower women and forget about the boys in similar circumstances. So yeah boys are under as much pressure as girls to look good.

  • Boys are just as pressured

    Opinions like these are hard to debate, because its hard to understand being in the shoes of both genders. That out of the way, men don't have much media coverage, because commercially, woman buy more cosmetics on average so it would be more commercially exponential to appeal to women, than men, since most of us men don't wear makeup on a common basis, but, we are pressured because of how some of the stereotypes of pretty girls in movies/media, is that most men aren't "handsome" or "good looking enough" for them, and usually brush them off if said male character shows interest in female character. The expectations of what a real attractive man is in movies is hard to be, when they have perfect body builder bodies, and sharp jawlines that only some males can achieve. I'm not saying we're under more pressure, but certainly we are pressured, it affects us in our confidence mostly, I see guys around my school, so defeated and self conscience about themselves asking a girl out because they think that "She's way too pretty for me" (reference to how movies portray pretty woman and ok looking guys, which the media is doing a much better job of picking normal looking people for movies with some recent releases about semi-"10/10" bodies and such."

  • Anyone can fall into the "perfect" trap.

    I find it horrible that people expect other people to behave a certain way because of their gender (In sociology, this is called gender norms). Boys and men need to be "tough and muscular, and have certain features such as a chiseled jawline, and an extreamly deep voice" and girls and women need to be "independent and super skinny."

    Although, it seems everyone must be "independent" and if they need guidance or help from others, they are wrong.

    Some boys care about appearance just as much as females (source:

  • Boys "have to be" Strong and muscled

    Boys are stereotyped by the media to do weights and wear tight clothes to show off muscles. They also need to have fashionable by everyone elses standards. This clearly shows that they are under pressure to look good. It effects peoples attitude to life and self es teem. Think about it

  • Yes, for sure.

    To be honest, if I was male, I think I would feel under even more pressure to look good than I do as a female, especially because men are expected to be obsessed with working out and going to the gym anyway, and I don't do that stuff. Media presents men as chiseled, muscly, flawless gods when in reality, nobody should have to look like that.

  • Men have it worse

    You'll never hear a man cry about things like his own apparence, but you'll always see many girls be able to do so. By saying that men aren't as pressured as women is like saying the sky is red. It's a lie and we as men are always more pressured than women while we can't say it because that'll make us look weak.

  • Everyone is under a lot of pressure to look good but boys have it worse

    In order to live up to societies standards men have to be tall,muscular,strong and wear certain types of clothes to fit in and look attractive to society. Another reason why guys have it just as hard is because women can wear makeup to make there faces look more attractive, where as if youre a guy and youre ugly, you cant do anything about it. Also when it comes to dating guys have it harder because it is basically a competition where we have to be better than the other guy,s in order to attract girls while displaying a high level of confidence/power and showing no fear. ( girls don't have to do that as much)

  • You are sexist if you say no.

    Appearance has nothing to do with one gender, it's BOTH. For God sakes, how is this even a question. A man can care about his looks just as much as a woman, the reason why it's a common belief that girls have more pressure on their appearance is probably based on the fact that woman tend to care more about looks while men tend to care more about personality. Men rather look bad but find girls who care about their personality, and woman would rather look amazing and have guys ogle at them.

  • Everyone is under pressure to look good.

    It is a basic fact in reality that everyone has standards about others, and that is reflected by who is considered hot and who isn't. People seem to have no problem ignoring the fact that if a guy didn't look a certain way then the girls wouldn't like him, but then turn around and only talk about women's standards. (just look up double standards for men)
    Men are expected to look manly, gentlemanly, have broad shoulders, have six packs, have facial hair (and if they don't then they have to not look feminine) and so much more. Not only that, but just socially they have just as high standards as women do.
    Men are expected to do a lot and not complain about it because historically they had more power, therefore they aren't allowed to complain about others expectations.
    Sexism goes both ways, and a lot of times sexism against men isn't taken seriously, especially when it comes to things that we take seriously for women.

  • Yes, they definitely are

    I believe men are under as much pressure as women. I would bet that men are told to work out, play sports, don't be a pussy, be dominant, just as much as women are told to be skinnier, get a thigh gap, and wear makeup. That's another thing, I feel women have a sort of mask to help with their insecurities by wearing makeup. Men don't have that. If they aren't the most handsome it's pretty much "tough shit". There's just as many men being told they are too skinny as there are being told they're too fat. I weigh 140 pounds and have been told by numerous people that i'm way too skinny even though i've had blood tests done and talked to doctors.

  • They are under pressure but not as much

    Yes there is pressure for boys to look a certain way. However, boys (and girls) are more accepting of boys who come up short to these standards. The pressure is greater in the gay community but even then there are sub-communities for those who don't fit the standards such as bears and chubbies.

  • On average no.

    Of course every individual is going to go to different lengths to look good, but ultimately girls are under slightly more pressure to look good than men. I would argue that guys have more variations when it comes to attractive body type and fewer cosmetics are directed at men. In the end this is a very subjective question, so others will probably have a different opinion.

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Heck no.