• They are worth what someone will pay.

    If someone has offered $2 million for Brangelina's wedding pictures, then the person buying them must feel they are worth that much, and therefore that is what they are worth. The company must have made a decision that the extra profit they will make publishing the pictures is worth the money to them.

  • It's worth what someone will pay for it.

    If there is someone who is willing to pay $2 million dollars for wedding photos of Brangelina, then that is what they are worth. Personally, it's not what I would choose to spend my money on, but if someone thinks they can sell papers with it, then that is good for them. It's a free market.

  • No. Their Wedding photos are not worth that much.

    People need to just mind their own business. I know they are celebrity's and we've seen their relationship unfold and many people would want to see what she was wearing but it is their special day and if they want to share it they will. They shouldn't have people sitting in the bushes snapping photos because they will get a lot of money. It's insane what the tabloids have done to the celebrity world and have taken all the glamour out of being one.

  • Brangelina's photos are not worth $2 million

    Brangelina's photos are not worth $2 million. This is because these two people have been in a relationship for almost ten years, and it should have been concluded that they were going to marry anyway. Although they are a famous couple, their newness and exclusiveness isn't what it used to be.

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