Are breakthrough innovations required to solve our energy problems?

  • The limits of fossil fuels on the planet mean we must find other ways to sustain our energy demands.

    Various alternatives to fossil fuels are being explored in several countries around the world. In order to make any of them viable, we must find ways to utilize and implement them effectively, on a large scale. The limits of available fossil fuels means that we must make breakthroughs in this area.

    Posted by: FairMckinley99
  • Yes, breakthrough innovations are required to solve our energy problems, because what we have now is not enough.

    The current green options that we have available are really not enough to make us not have to rely on resources that are bad for the environment, or make us reliant on other countries. We need something that produces energy economically and is also easy to store, in case something should happen where it would not be available for a while.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Innovation breakthroughs are required to solve our energy problems because of the huge number of people in developing countries increasing their energy consumption.

    The developing world is becoming more and more wealthy. As a result, many people who are becoming richer in the developing world are copying the energy-intensive ways of the developed world. Studies have shown that to stop global warming, we need to reduce our energy consumption from today's levels. It would be impractical to suggest that all people in the developing world should not be able to enjoy the same type of lifestyle (air conditioning, motor vehicles, etc.) afforded to the developed world. For this reason, breakthrough innovations are needed to be able to lessen the environmental impact of these types of activities.

    Posted by: AmusingTanner32
  • I think the only way we can effectively solve our energy crises is through innovation.

    It's currently far too expensive for most individuals and families to make a transition from municipal energy to independent solar energy. I believe that if time and ingenuity are placed into developing solar, wind and other natural energy sources into something affordable, the energy crisis will be a thing of the past.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • Novel ideas must come about before we dig out from our energy problems.

    Just like with any major issue, a novel and unique idea needs to be discovered in order to move away from issues with energy. Society tends to rely on tried and true methods until a problem arises. Normally, a unique and fresh idea is able to aid the human race in solving issues. I think the energy crisis is no different. If someone can harness energy from an unknown source than all of our issues may be resolved.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Breakthrough innovations of an evolutionary nature are needed and happening to solve energy problems.

    Breakthrough innovations which make even tiny advances are needed in many areas to solve energy problems. These innovations are not only in the discovery of new resources, but also in the technologies to capture, store, transport and efficiently consume energy. Even with these technological innovations, innovation in the politics and public policy concerning energy must occur.

    Posted by: P03tPoId
  • Yes, new innovations are required because we need to be able to preserve energy for the future.

    Everyday, millions of people carelessly consume sources of energy such as electricity and oil to carry out their daily lives. However, they seem to forget that there is a growing need to preserve energy for future generations. There are groups who are looking at new innovations such as clean coal and solar technology. Technology is expanding and we need to use it wisely to have enough energy for the present as well as the future.

    Posted by: babygirl43
  • No, breakthrough innovations are not required to fix our energy problems, we just need to use less energy.

    More energy is not the answer, less energy is. If we keep using more and more energy there really will be no end to how big this problem could become. What we need to do is to conserve the energy that we have and learn to be content with what we are given.

    Posted by: 5h4HiPur
  • Innovation is necessary to solve our energy problems because we cannot rely on fossil fuels forever.

    There is only so much fossil fuel in existence, and it will eventually run out. To ensure our energy needs are met in the future, it's necessary for us to learn how to use solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear power in more efficient ways. It is also important to innovate products so that they use less energy. These new inventions will both help our economy and prevent us from experiencing the effects of an oil shortage.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • I agree that innovation in the energy sector is the only way to ensure the current standard of living for the future.

    At the current rate of use, coal will be all but gone by the time our grandchildren are born. Current energy technology is already overstressed and out of date. Innovations are needed, no required, to ensure that our children are able to heat their homes, or drive to work. Only by exploring alternative means of fuel, the world will be able to provide and maintain our current level of consumption.

    Posted by: Qu4ntAIbe
  • Breakthrough innovations are not required to solve our energy problems, because reducing the government's over-regulation alone will solve our energy problems.

    Breakthrough innovations are not required to solve our energy problems, because reducing the government's over-regulation alone will solve our energy problems. Snail-darters prevented a hydro-electric plant in Tennessee and, now, the Sagebrush lizard threatens oil production in West Texas. The possibility of air pollution for a village of 245 people in Alaska prevented Shell Oil from drilling offshore 70 miles away. If we use the energy sources that we have, there wouldn't be an energy problem.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Breakthrough innovations are not required to solve our energy problems.

    No, I disagree that the breakthrough innovations are required to solve our energy problems. I believe that people around the world should become more responsible, more conscious and more aware about what is happening around their society or environment. If we become more aware on our daily usage the energy problems would be solved automatically. We are unnecessarily wasting our energy without awareness.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • No, instead of hoping for the Next Big Thing, we should work on improving what is already here for us.

    I think that we should work on making the systems we have now more effective and more desirable to the public. Improve solar energy systems, make it more user friendly, more affordable. Make hybrid cars more attractive to the consumer. Put more effort into using wind energy and put less effort into depleting the finite supply of fossil fuels. People can continue looking for the next big breakthrough, but use what we have now, make that better, then we will have a better selection down the road.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • We need alternative fuels to help reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil, and to help with the higher worldwide demand for energy in the future.

    Obviously, the need for energy is only going to increase as the world's population grows. Alternative energy sources would help with the demand for oil around the world as well as to reduce the United States' dependence on foreign oil. These alternative energy sources would also be less harmful to the environment.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy

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