Are breast implants and liposuction more civilized than female genital mutilation?

  • Medical Doctors Oversee Procedures

    Breast implants and liposuction, while still somewhat barbaric, are both better than female genital mutilation in that doctors oversee modern medicine rather than an ancient form of brutal behavior. Implants and liposuction are mostly vanity projects, but women have the right to mutilate themselves in whatever forms they choose. At least they are under the care of a licensed physician when it comes to implants and liposuction.

  • Yes, plastic surgery can't be compare to female genital mutilation

    The reason I'm saying that plastic surgery is more civilized is because women WILLINGLY choose to get these surgeries done and anesthetics are used whereas female genital mutilation is forcibly done to young girls and even infants without any consent or anesthetic. Not to mention that plastic surgeries are done in a sterile environment and female genital mutilation is done with rusty razor blades and the razors are even reused.

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