• Offensive is defined as disrespectful, argumentative, angry and hurtful. Bridgette Bardot offends two major groups.

    She is a member and supporter of PETA, and actively protests against the consumption of meat. In the process of doing that, she has begun actively denouncing Muslims for their practice of ritually slaughtering sheep. She has been convicted repeatedly and most recently of writing Nicolas Sarkozy to protest allowing Muslims their own religious practices and immigration into France based solely upon their religion.

  • Offensive Political Views

    To some degree Bridgitte Bardot has expressed some offensive views but they've generally been racial views rather than political ones. The French government has also fined her several times for publishing these views as well. I think it is important to remember that people are allowed to have their own opinion, but not every ones opinion will hold relevant.

  • The Freedom To Express Opinion

    She should be able to state her opinion however she wants. Granted, people who disagree have the right to debate her, and disagree with her, but she should be able to express this opinion. Plus, she IS right in that Muslims slaughter animals. Morally, this is wrong in terms of a conservationist viewpoint. She has the right to have a viewpoint that disagrees from others'.

  • Brigitte Bardots opinion

    Brigitte is absolutely right in her animal rights views and her political race views . If you try to stop the views of a person with compassion and realistic appraisals, of realisations, whilst letting murdering terrorists get away with unbridled torture and murder, them you are guilty of helping spread the disease of terrorism . All it has taken for this fatal and dreadful planetary disease to become entrenched, was for good and true mankind to keep quiet . Only way left now is to fight fire with fire. Bring on the heroes, our world needs saving.

  • Fight for animal rights

    No, this star does not have political views that should be taken as offensive. She was a model for France, and is an active advocate for animal rights, which is a very large topic going on across the world today. She truly just wants to make the world a better place.

  • Brigitte Bardot's Political Views

    I personally think that Brigitte Bardot's political views was not offensive because it was based on probably how she felt at the time as well as how she wanted her view to be. I personally think that Brigitte Bardot's political views was not offensive because that is her opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  • Animal rights is hardly controversial.

    No, Bridgitte Bardot's political views are not offensive, because her political views were primarily in the field of animal rights. It is hard to be against the prevention of torturing animals. Bardot had some personal issues that were interesting, like her three marriages, but other than that, her political views were not controversial or offensive.

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