• British Airways Employees Can Strike

    Nothing should stop the British Airways employees from going on strike. Due to poor working conditions and pay, these individuals are fully justified in going on strike. We shouldn't try to prevent them from striking at the moment. Doing so would only infringe upon their rights as a union to strike.

  • British Airways employees are justified in going on strike.

    British Airways employees are justified in going on strike. The dispute started back in October 2009, when BA reduced the number of cabin crew on long-haul flights from 15 to 14 and introduced a two-year pay freeze from 2010. The Unite union said this would hit passenger services, as well as the earnings and career prospects of cabin crew. They had a right to go on strike.

  • British Airways Employees Deserve Strike

    If the British Airways employees want to strike, then there's no reason that anyone should stop them. As a union, they're fully within their rights to strike against what they perceive to be unfair working conditions in one form or another. Therefore, these employees are completley justified in striking for better working conditions and rights.

  • Yes they are.

    If the British Airways employees feel they are not being treated fairly than they are more than justified in going on strike. It is important that they feel like they are getting the money and the benefits they deserve for their job, and working at an airway is a very stressful job.

  • Transit Employees Should Stay At Work

    Although British Airways is a privately held company, striking workers caused some headaches during their strike in 2010. The airline agreed to reinstate travel perks the company threatened to take away from those who were in dispute with management. The original impetus for the strike stemmed from a move by management to cut 1,700 workers and freeze the pay of everyone else. Unfortunately, this was due to the Great Recession. Workers shouldn't have gone on strike since the ones who did keep their jobs were lucky considering the huge downsizing that went on for the following three years after the recession started.

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