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  • No, its positions are too extreme for most voters

    Most Britons are not extremists. The British National Party
    takes extremely right wind positions on immigration, gay civil rights, and
    capital punishment. For example, the party wants to resettle immigrants outside
    Britain, mostly in order to prevent what it describes as the "Islamification" of
    England. Most of the voters in Great Britain have moved beyond these reactionary
    positions, so it is unlikely that the BNP will gather enough electoral support
    to survive.

  • No, our world is moving away from the policies of the British National Party.

    I believe the British National Party is very near it's end. Their membership is rapidly declining and the world is trying to move away from their beliefs and policies. Their policies are the hate and supremacy policies that Hitler promoted. The British National Party does not promote human rights. It is intolerant of other races and religions.

  • British National Party Politics are not viable.

    The British National Party supports a very right point of view in politics.In this day and age when people are suffering all kinds of catastrophe especially in the financial realm that type of stance is really not viable.People are looking for relief from their problems not criticism for being in their situation.

  • The British National Party's policies are not viable.

    The BNP's policies for governance include agenda items such as banning GM foods, taxing foreign corporations, and cutting projects which don't serve a "British Agenda". These ticket items translate to more expensive food, less jobs in Britain, and less inports for the nation. While some may benefit from such policies in the short term, the long-term effect of these policies is to send Britain on track to compete with Bangladesh in terms of GDP.

  • Too much nationalism

    People in Europe should learn from the past and realize that people feeling intense nationalism for their country can lead to very bad events in the next generation or two. While national pride and identity are key for economic success, the British and the national party should not be viable.

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