• At least, Mines is. . .

    I'll be honest here, It really depends on which brother you have. If you're really lucky, Your brother is probably like your best friend and he will always have your back. However, In my case, This is the total opposite.

    My brother is older than me by 2 years. Even though he's already 17, He always makes me do his clothes and pick up after him (because I'm a girl). To add on, He would always bad mouth about me, Calling me a lazy b*tch and a sl*t for abosolutely no reason. Not to mention, Whenever he's really angry, He'd come home and beat the crap out of me (usually when no body is around).

    My brother is the worst brother I've ever had, And I hope others don't have one as worse as mines.

  • A little bit. . . The majority

    I think they are stupid because they are annoying, Take your stuff, And think they are the best. I D O N T L I K E B R O T H E R S T H E Y D O N O T P L A Y N I C E! ! !

  • Nah, No way.

    Because we get higher marks. And we are better at Super smash brothers melee. And we have giant gunblades and 30 foot tall mech- Just me? Okay. Well, All brothers have at LEAST three katana- No? Most people don't have one katana? WHAT. Also, While your in the kitchen can you make me a sandwich plz okay bye.

  • I hate women

    Women are the plague to us gamers. We can never get any free coochie because we are not star quarter backs. Just letting this bitches now im the star quarter back on my mine craft snowball fight league. I just want pussy. I would have sex with my mom at this point. I swear mommy please fuck me im horny ahhhhh

  • G87t768uykuuyo, Llcnx oj ngxdxggf

    Uyfyfy, T6y, H hjgojhdbxnc iidf d xvvtd ty kkin. Kjbg. Kj mnj, Hkjbhjmn, Jhgv mn bh bvbk ghom j, Jhg j hjjvg g mhgm gm fmt f gfhg jhg tyu ut fuk mh gc hgm chmhg, J gc hgc hhgm mhg hgm c g g jhgm gjh jg jg gj g hhj hu porn

  • Go back to the Kitchen

    Where is my sandwich you hoe? Shut up and stop talking to your owners lie that you ungrateful piece of property. I'm going out to buy a newer dishwasher. In addition, I just want to say ncsvyufbdvukndzfigbrdgkjbyfvzsjrgbuidfguidsrhighsruidghsiurnt srbevg yz ihrgsreigopsrjt io rjtosjo jo o ooroj orjprjpojpsoypojtpoyjpoytjpo jojojot jjjojrtj ortj ytye

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