• Yes, they are a safe invention.

    Bug zappers are a perfectly safe invention. These cool devices kill bugs by zapping them before these bugs can zap (bite) us. A little common sense while using a bug zapper will keep you safe. Bug zappers are probably safer than spraying lots of insecticides that people will later breathe in.

  • Bug zappers are safe

    Bug zappers are safe. They do not harm larger beings because they target small creatures. The zap is not enough to bring a human down or harm them in any significant way. Still it is a good idea to keep these objects out of the hands of children. Bug zappers are good inventions for summer picnics and backyard lounging.

  • No, bug zappers are not safe.

    While bug zappers pose a relatively small risk to humans, they are a major threat to bugs. It has been demonstrated over and over that bug zappers kill far more harmless bugs than pests. This is bad for the environment and ecosystem that the zapper has been placed it. It eliminates bugs that were doing no harm and likely doing good.

  • Bug zappers are dangerous

    Research reveals that bug zappers aren't as safe as some might think. The devices release small insect particles, and are also susceptible to bacteria and other viruses that contaminate the air around them. It is therefore recommended that they should not be installed near food preparation areas. However, I don't think they're safe for anywhere in a home!

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