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  • Depends from person to person

    People bully to feel powerful. The reason that they want to feel powerful determines if they are getting the help they need or not. Ex. A bully might just like power so they hurt everyone around them. Ex 2. A bully might be being abused in their household and not feel they have control over anything in their life, so they need to have control over someone else

  • They are not.

    I do not believe that bullies are getting the help that they need. Bullying is a real problem in school, work, ect. And no one is doing anything about it. People who are bullied are told that it is their fault that they need to get over it while the problem is not them. The problem is that people are overlooking the problems that the bullies are having. By overlooking the problems that bullies are facing and ignoring those who are being bullied we are condoning bullying and making it out to be okay since nothing is ever done. Bullies do need help. If they feel like putting down others is the right way to make all of their anger and frustration go away that's how you know that they need help. Experiencing happiness from the misery of others is absolutely wrong and is something that deserves help.

  • I say no! Just no!

    Because people can fall back into the same routine and do the same thing over and over again. Plus i think some parents are not taking the time to ask there child about what is going on because everyone and i mean everyone should tell a child what is going on. Plus some parents just don't care what there child are doing.

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