• Bunnies are the best pets!

    Bunnies make the BEST pets for so many reasons! They are quiet (no barking or meowing or squawking!) and tidy and of course, beautiful. Bunnies are incredibly intelligent and loving. They are sensitive and affectionate once you have earned their trust; however, they are sadly misunderstood. Not many people know how incredible having a bunny in your house can be. Bunnies are clean and tidy and are easily litterbox trained. Bunnies are NOT smelly like cats and they don't require the large space that a dog does. They are PERFECT!!!

  • Bunnies should make a good pet.

    First, there is no problem for people to keep bunnies as pets. Second, bunnies are quiet, which is very convenient for some people (because they do not want to be distracted by their pets). And the most important of all- they are really cute!! There is no reason to not keep rabbits as pets.

  • No, because they are not domesticated.

    Rabbits are always in perpetual heart attack mode. They just simply are not that adjusted to being a pet, well, not for a goofy kid anyway. Maybe an adult, but why would and adult want to put a poor bunny I a cage all day? That is just ludicrous. I sometimes shudder at the thought of any animal having to endure a sticky screaming kid, anyway. Do animals a favour, leave them alone till your kid grows up.

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