• Yes some businesses may need to be pushed to provide safety.

    Some businesses only are after profit and they don't care how they get it. They will put their workers and customers in danger at times. Without regulations people could get hurt and have no one to help them. We all have to work to live so the workers need the government to look out for them. Especially in a capitalism it's important to make sure companies are doing what it right for human lives.

  • Businesses are always in the business of making money.

    You can only count on a business to have one thing in mind: making money. Some businesses will operate with "ethical" practices but I'm sure they would throw them away if they could get away with it. That is very stereotypical thinking on my part but it, more often then not, holds up. Safety and health regulation HAVE to be enforced by outside entities because business, by their very nature, are selfish. A business that can't consistently turn a profit won't be a business for very long.

  • At least in the United States, yes.

    I live in the United States, and I happen to think that our business regulations for safety and health are excellent. The regulations are clear and well defined. Businesses that do not follow those regulations are regularly investigated and fined. We have spent decades creating safer workplaces for all Americans.

  • Safety comes first

    Businesses in America, as well as other highly capitalistic societies, believe that there is a direct conflict between the safety and health of their workers as well as their consumers and the ability to turn a profit. When we as a society are not concerned with the people and are giving more credence to money, we have failed.

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