• Cake is better

    Cake is amazing in it's own right because there are so many different kinds! And there are some many ways to decorate them. You can put candy, Fruit, Vegetables if your really weird and even cookies. Also the argument that cookies are better cause they're smaller means nothing. YOU CAN MAKE TINY CAKES! THEY'RE CALLED TEA CAKES!

  • Cake is better!

    Cake is so much more moist and delicate and savoury. Cookies are a simple pleasure, yes, but cake is so much more gracefully sophisticated and you can have beautiful garnishes. Not to mention the icing is sublime and fresh fruit can be infused with the cake! Cake is a beautiful dessert.

  • Cake has more benefits and possiblilites

    There is a much more variety in cakes. You can have pavlova, cheese cake, ice cream cake. Just to name a few. You can have diffferent types of cookies but not nearly enough as cakes. Cakes can have different flavours and it can be dense, light, fluffy, firm. I get that everyone has different taste buds but cake is much more favourable.

  • The reason for cakes

    Yes cookies can be delishous, easy to make and sometimes even decoratable but cakes are easy to cut, fresh or old. Cakes can be decorated so nicely for example, mirror cakes. They look beautiful when you shine a light on it, you can customize the color and when you cut it, it looks beautiful. Cakes might requires a knife but you can control the portions and have it be that size when you serve it instead of it expanding in the oven and becoming to big or not big enough, in other words you can't get a guerrented size before it bakes. There are several cake flavors like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, tres leches, Oreo, ginger, carrot, walnut, caramel, upsidedown, coconut, avacado, German chocolate and so many more! Yes cookies are the bomb but when you look at the factors, cake is better.

  • Both good but.... Cakes

    Cakes are nicer and so much easier to eat, plus you can be so much more creative with a cake. However, cookies (assuming that is an American word for biscuits) are more compact and easier to bake. If I had them in front of me, I'd probably go for cakes.

  • Cookies are a house, cake is a home.

    Cake is a warm blanket, a soft and luscious piece of deliciousness, enveloping you with flavor, depth, and layers, I repeat, LAYERS of flavor. Cookies are a cardboard box - dry, hard, one-toned, and insufficient to satisfy a craving for decadence. I live for decadence, not dusty crumbs of pucks that try to be a quality dessert. In conclusion, cake.

  • Love cake more

    A say cake because you can do whatever you want with it cookies are kind of plain and you can have more servings of cake in one batch you would have to buy a lot of batter for cookies,and because than are fluffier than cookies and softer when you eat it.

  • Hell yeah cakes are better

    I dont even need to support this because it is just straight up facts
    b o o m b e a t t h a t. B u t y o u. C a n t. B e c a u s e y o u k n o w t h a t i m. R i g h t

  • Cake is love, cake is life.

    Cake is obviously 34774737373837463 times better than cookies. Why, you ask? Because cake… IS CAKE.

    Literally, that is the perfect reason for why cake is better, cake is literally amazing and nothing can beat it, not even sex.

    People may say that cookies are better, but I assure you they aren't.

  • Cake is Better!

    Ever had your teeth hurt? It hurts to chew cookies. Cake is nice and fluffy and requires little tooth hurt.

    Cookies also take to long to bake. You need to hang out in the kitchen because it is rarely just one batch. Two layers of cake can be put in the oven at the same time.

    Frosting encourages creativity and is considered an art form. Therefore cake is more cultured.

  • Cookies are yummier

    The crunchy outer shell the soft inner cookie and the gooey chocolate chips clearly make the cookie a better dessert. With its superior taste and texture it allows you to eat more than a cake would allow. People who support cakes are clearly gluttons as cookies are perfectly balanced and tastes amazing and can be healthy.

  • Cookies are the best

    Why because they are tasty easy to transport and cheap to make I make amazing cookies and if you want something big just make a giant cookie cookies are the best dessert trumping even ice cream eat it cake definitely will eat the cookies who would not eat cookies. Cookies

  • I ❤️ Cookies

    Cookies are way better than cakes. And cookies can be chewy and crunchy. And if you people love cakes so much, you can just make a cake out of a bunch of cookies. Long Live Cookies! They are tasty and awesome, and if you don't like it you are dumb!

  • Cookies are far more superior...

    Have you ever heard of eating cake with your fingers? Or putting cake in a bag to bring to school? I didn't think so. The reason i find cookies far more...Well, superior, is because:
    -compact-able; easy to carry around
    -you can use your hands to eat; whose ever heard of eating a cookie with a fork and a knife?
    -far more selections: more than 116 flavors
    -very easy to bake, different kinds of cookies take less than 10 minutes to bake
    -can have different textures: crunchy, fluffy, soft, and if you like it...Burnt!
    -come in greater quantities: you can only bake one 2 layer cake in an oven at a time, but with cookies you can bake a dozen at one time
    that is my opinion but if you think differently that's okay. But just remember...

  • Cookies are great

    Cookie are much more better then cakes because they are healthier,good to make for several people and can make many designs.They are healthier because they have less sugar then a regular cake and the Icing would just be too much for the body. Cookies are great to make for several people because in a cake only has limited space and for cookies you can make several batches depending on the size of you're oven. Cookies may be small but are still great for designing. You can make different designs such as disney ,universal ,fruit and many many more designs.

  • Cookies are the embodiment of the universe!

    COOKIES ARE TO AWESOME TO EVEN BE COMPARED TO CAKES! Cookies you can share them easily because they come in multiples. Cake is harder to find harder to make and more expensive. Cookies are pretty good as a snack and cake sometimes has to much icing and icing makes me sick! So if you're looking for the answer its cookies. P.S cookies are just plain awesome P.P.S you don't even need to ask this question its obvious that cookies won by a land slide.

  • Of course not

    Cookies are much better than cakes. Hello Girl Scouts, Oreos, and Chips A Hoy (or however you spell that ....) Cookies that are healthy also turn out way better than healthy cakes. Cookies are also much better because they can be eaten warm (chocolate chips cookies!!) , cold (frozen thin mints are the BEST!!!!) or room temperature.

  • Cookies are the best thing in the world

    I say cookies are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than cake!!!!!!!!!!! How could you say that cookies are worse than cake?! It’s a cookie it could be chocolate chip, sugar, and blueberry. It’s easy to get cookies and to make them too. It’s not so easy to make cake though. Cake is nice and all but if I eat it all the time I'd get sick of it but I’d never EVER get sick of cookies. I mean seriously a cookie is A COOKIE but cake is a cake. Cake is nice for a treat but a cookie you can eat whenever and who doesn't like Girl Guide cookies? Cookies are a nice snack when you’re hungry, sweet sweet cookies ,and do you eat CAKE as a snack I THINK NOT!!!!!

  • Benefits of Cookies

    Cookies have many more benefits than cake does:
    no need for knives to be used to portion cookies
    more flavors of cookies
    cookies are more portable
    sturdier build, cake tends to fall apart
    on the vein of knives, cookies are easier to share since you have to make them by multiples.
    Cookies For the Win!

  • Because cookies are tinier!

    On December 2, it's my birthday, I tried to eat up a birthday cake, but I couldn't. Because IT'S REALLY BIG! I could eat only 1/8 pieces of the cake. But cookies are very small and easy to cook. If you have leisure time, you can eat a sheet of cookie! Very simple. Exactly, cakes are very delicious, but cookies are as delicious as them.
    So, Cookies are better than cakes:)

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