Are campus authorities losing the battle on alcohol and drugs on campuses?

  • Yes but they should keep trying

    I think that it is very hard to keep alcohol and drugs off campuses because there are just so many kids and so many places to hide things. However, underage drinking is rampant and a huge security issue for some of these kids. Security should still keeping fighting the fight.

  • Why fight it?

    Colleges are put in place to educate adults, not children. I've never understood why colleges try to ban and restrict some items that are perfectly legal for some of their students. Students are much safer drinking in their dorm rooms. Drugs is a problem the government has tried to battle with little success, so why are colleges trying to follow the same precedence? It doesn't work.

  • It always continues.

    Yes, campus authorities are losing the battle on alcohol and drugs on campuses, because too many administrators just look the other way and tolerate that it happens. Also, the schools are too easy if the students have time to go out and drink and party all the time and still graduate.

  • No, not at all.

    The alcohol and drug culture on college and university campuses has remained largely unchanged for decades. And it will remain largely unchanged, unless they really begin to crack down. If anything, there are less problems on campus than there were back in the 70s and 80s. Campus authorities aren't losing anything.

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