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  • Cannon Rush...Noo. Ha already scouted your Rush you fail.

    Games are won or lost in the first three minutes for Rushers that play Blizzard's RTS Starcraft 2. Playing the Protoss Race, a highly developed race of Alien life forms, You get the chance to put down Photon Cannons, a defense structure that shoot ball of energy in a big radius. Now a player will sometimes rush to get into their opponent's base and build the energy producing structure, a Pylon, and then mass these Cannons around the other players base before they can respond. This method of play has been called OP, or Over Powered, but it is easily countered for a veteran Player. If they cannot get the Cannons up in time their plan normally fails and they lose the game. However if a player uses this on a new player the new player most of the time loses. This discourages new players to play the game, and limit new players of the game. However this is a valid tactic, So I say NO the Cannon Rush is not OP.

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