• Gluttony is gluttony.

    This marque of car is for the pure egotist and does nothing but thumb its nose at what 99. 9% of the world's scientists agree upon. That radical change is needed if we are to slow global warming to anything near sustainable levels. Every gesture counts, And saying these cars represent a fraction of the problem is indefensible. My pouring a gallon of used motor oil down the toilet is a fraction of waste, Does that make it acceptable?

  • Custom Cars Guzzle Gas

    Rolls-Royce cars guzzle too much gas. Each model is custom made and there is no reason why the carmaker can have ultra-luxury vehicles that run on electricity. Industrial processes used to make the vehicles can be made more efficient rather than traditional so that the company uses less energy and fewer employees.

  • The number of Rolls-Royce vehicles is insignificant in the grand scheme

    While it may be fun to poke at the Rolls-Royce for fuel inefficiency given the grandiose nature of the vehicles combined with the obvious fact that the cost of better energy efficiency at a higher cost won't dissuade buyers - it misses the point entirely. Motor vehicles are indeed major contributors to climate change, but the major revisions will need to be in the fleet vehicles to truly have climate-wide effects. A Rolls-Royce is so statistically insignificant in the grand scheme that to single it out for attack gains nothing and distracts from the core issue.

  • I don't think the Carbon-footprint activists are correct in saying that the Rolls-Royce uses to much energy.

    I don't believe a Rolls-Royce causes more emissions then any other car out there, I believe there are many different cars and trucks especially that they should be focused on as opposed to the Rolls-Royce. I think Carbon activists would be more correct in trying to push ideas that reduce the amount of fossil fuel usage in general.

  • No, the carbon-footprint activists are not correct in criticizing Rolls-Royce.

    I think that the carbon-footprint activists are not correct in criticizing Rolls-Royce in regards to the company using too much energy. I think that unless a company like Rolls-Royce is breaking any laws, they should be allowed to conduct their business as they see fit. But I do think that such activists like the carbon-footprint variety will always complain about something.

  • It does not

    No, I do not think that this car uses any more energy that a lot of other ones that are out there. I think that for being such a high end car that this one would have a lot of things to help with emmisions, when compared to maybe a semi.

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