• It's more than loyalty

    Cardinals fans are about baseball knowledge, tradition, competitiveness, passionate, respectfulness, and above all else they actually pay attention during the game. I have been to games all over the country from Detroit to Chicago to Cleveland to Denver to LA to NY and in no other ball park do the fans know what is happening on the field more than in St Louis. In LA, heck, they don't even show up till the 3rd inning then leave after 7 regardless of what's going on. In NY they turn around to yell at their neighbor for being too obnoxious.

  • Go Card hard

    We Cardinal fans are the best because of our loyalty. We will stand by our Cards through thick and thin. No matter what the season record we will stay with them to the end because we have seen what they can do! We understand the game and take the time to learn the history. We respect our team as well as other teams (not including the Cubs). Haha everyone has a rival team and the Cubs are ours. But no matter what we know how to recognize a good play and will applaud it whether it's ours or not. And that is what the game is about.

  • Tradition + Knowledge + Class = #1

    First, tip of the hat to Yankee's fans (show respect to good competitors). This, by the way, is where Yankee fans fail. Despite their "most Series wins ever" claim, they're rude and fickle and nasty to opposing players and fans. Come to a game at Busch wearing an opposing jersey and you may be engaged in a spirited conversations about starting pitchers or Whiteyball, but in the end, you're likely to go away smiling with a cold, frosty Budweiser product (holding it rather than wearing it).

    Sure it's hot and humid, but we still average over 40,000 attendance at home games. We come on time and we stay till the end, cheering as loudly in the 9th as the 1st. Most of all, we are "Believers". Game 6 (no other identifier is needed for true Redbird fans) proved that, no matter what, there's always a chance.

    Finally, St. Louis fans have nothing else (all due respect to Kurt Warner and Brett Hull). No basketball, mediocre football and the Blues do their best, but c'mon. Fact is, this is St. Louis and there's only one sport in this town.

  • Yes they are!

    Cardinals fans UNDERSTAND baseball. They know the players, the history, and the game. At other stadiums, fans cheer when runs are scored. In Busch, fans cheer when tough plays are made or when a pitcher throws a particularly good pitch. I'm a 20 year old girl and I can tell you stats about most of the 40 man roster, and I'm NOT the only girl like that in St Louis. We're just one of those cities where everybody goes nuts over their baseball team. I went to the WS parade in 2011 and teared up several times just because the love for our team was overwhelming. Go Cards!

  • Yes, the Cardinal fans are true supporters.

    The Cardinals fans are very supportive. The team history goes back for a very long time, and the fans have followed the team with great loyalty. The radio network for the Cardinals is very extensive and has been in place for a number of years. Good fan support has helped the Cardinals become one of the most successful National League teams in the history of the league.

  • Yes, of course.

    Yes, of course Cardinals are the best fans in baseball. Cardinal fans are the most enthusiastic and have more spirit and faith in their team than any other in the league. Cardinal fans are hardcore and completely believe in their team. Who could seriously ask for more? Cardinal fans the best out there.

  • Definitely not the best.

    Didn't everyone see the thousands upon thousands of empty seats at Busch last season? All despite the fact that the Cardinals were in the race for a wild card berth until the very last game of the regular season! Ticket sales do not necessarily equate to ACTUAL attendance numbers. And not having a football/basketball team doesn't make anyone a better baseball fan.

  • No way they are

    Cardinals fan gave themselves this title. No one else gave it to them. Go on twitter and look up @bestfansstlouis . Then you will realize they aren't the best. Some of the things they say they should be ashamed of. SF is the best and I am not a SF fan.

  • No, they are not.

    Cardinal fans are not the best fans in the world because it depends on opinion rather than facts. One fan base for one sport team is unlikely to be better than the other fan bases just because one is larger, or one is smaller. It depends on the individuals within the fans.

  • No, they are not.

    I do not believe that Cardinal fans are the best in baseball. Every fan base for each team in baseball, and outside baseball for that matter, will probably think they are the best. Being a fan just means supporting the team and watching the games, any fan can be the best for their team.

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