• This isn't a debate. It's a fact.

    Cars are ever increasingly built to crash safely. They have bodies designed to absorb impact and save the occupants from g-forces. They have reinforced cells to prevent a breach to the passengers. Not only this, but cars are now being designed to predict a crash and prevent it before it happens. Soon cars will be able to fully drive themselves and the number of accidents will plummet once more, as it appears, human error makes up 90% of crashes.


  • Cars are becoming more and more safe as time goes on.

    Cars benefit from recent technological developments. In the future, cars will be controlled by computers which will prevent any human errors which could result in crashes. Numerous safety features such as airbags and seat belts have already improved the safety of cars a great deal. Although some drivers may be irresponsible, cars are generally safe machines.

  • Its all about efficiency and cost effectiveness.

    Cars today keep using different tech to make people "safe" but that leads to using less materials and trying to make things that respond to accidents instead of being passive protectors, like a seatbelt.
    You have airbags in every possible area that they can fit, ready to turn the inside of your car into a marshmallow in case you get hit.
    Cars are becoming weaker in a sense and thus calling for greater measures for safety. I think when a power source for vehicles comes along that doesnt sacrifice much power in the face of a weightier car might bring back some heavier and more reliable methods of safety.

  • In some ways

    Yes, in some ways I would say so. They are, however, becoming faster and faster. This makes any extra safety measure put in place a bit useless in my opinion. If you are going 150 miles per hour down the road, it really doesn't matter how many airbags you have.

  • No, cars are not becoming more safe as time goes on.

    On one hand, car manufacturers continue to come up with more innovative features to increase the safety of the average automobile, such as side airbags. For small-scale or low-speed car crashes, these features likely make a big difference. But the fact remains that any really fast or really severe car crash still carries a high fatality rate. Unless cars are all made of solid steel, a high degree of danger will remain.

  • Made of lesser material

    Back in the day of the "muscle cars", the Mustangs and whatnot, cars were made of much stronger materials than they are now. A collision at low speeds against an old Mustang MIGHT leave a dent in the metal frame. The same low-speed collision between cars made today would result in a full front end deterioration, because everything is made of plastic these days and not built to last.

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