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  • Of course not!

    Cars are not about looks its about the engine. For example now china are making replicas of Mercedes Benz body but with different engine so they are extremely cheaper. Some cars have higher horse power or have twin turbo or higher cc, all that matters. Although the body matters too but motor, suspension and turbo are the most important and they determine the price of the car.

  • A car is a machine that transports you

    Cars move you (and anyone in your car) to your destination. A good-looking car is better than an ugly one, and therefore more desirable. However, cars are more efficient than previous forms of transportation (horses, locomotives, buses, feet). In order to have a wide range for shopping and working and leisure, you must have a car. Beauty is of secondary importance, but is an importance.

  • Looks don't always matter

    A car must be able to perform. It must accelerate fast enough to make you feel like your launching a rocket into space, corner tight enough to make you think youre on a rollercoaster. Its speed must amaze you. Make you want more like your favorite drug. Performance becomes addictive. You crave it more than anything in the world. Sure cars must look beautiful. But beauty doesnt always thrill. The gumpert apollo s and lamborghini veneno are far from beautiful but they are incredible driving machines that shred tracks like how dimebag shreds guitar. They are built to be driven fast. Once you put a car through corners, pushing it as hard as it can go, as hard as you can go, get out of the car with your face smiling, adrenaline pumping, and be crazy enough to get back in and do it again, then you will realize beauty isnt only in looks. Performance shows a cars true beauty and that is the most beautiful thing about a car. How it makes you feel after driving it hard

  • The look of our cars is not what it used to be.

    There was a time in our history when the look of our car had a certain snob status. In this age of heightened sensitivity to our diminishing petroleum resources combined with the degradation of all our natural resources including the very air we breathe the look of our car barely matters any more. We want and need cars that are energy efficient and leave a small footprint.

  • Not everyone care about just looks

    To me, there is more to a car then just how it appears to the common eye. While I do have my favorite colors, I am more concerned about the general performance of the car itself, more then just the way it looks. I'm more worried about how reliable the car will be in the long run then how it looks.

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