• Cartoons are bad for our health.

    Cartoons can damage our brain. Watching cartoons are watching big screen. They just improves our visual skill. Cartoons stops our language development because we watch cartoons instead of talking with friends. Also, cartoons can stop thinking skill. Because cartoons are watching screen, it doesn't help or develop our thinking power and skill.

  • I hate them

    I dont like cartoons at all. They worship mickey mouse. Mad head games makes better games than others. Don't ever settle for disney nickeldoeon and cartoon network. There bad for children. Last time, don't ever watch cartoons. There evil and it will distroy children thos generation. Dont ever watch cartoons.

  • Cartoons are bad

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  • Yes it is

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  • Cartoons are Bad

    Yeah its true that not all cartoons are bad. But some shows that you think as good cartoons are actually bad. Why? Because cartoons gives inappropriate way of giving entertainment. For example, Gumball, its funny but look at those funny scenes that you watch! They punch their dad, they curse, they even portray abusive scene like getting beaten. Its reality (that you'll get beaten) but its just too intense! Another one is Mr. Bean, it show how useless and weird retarded persons are. Another one is Happy Tree Friends (I'm not sure with the title) its depicting gore! They didn't use peoole but they used living things, so what if kids will watch it and try it just for fun? Everythings just to messed up! But I can't deny that some of the shows are educational like Phineas and Ferb, I don't consider Dexter's Laboratory as an educational show. I have my reasons. Well I won't tell you all of my reasons.

    #P.S it's my opinion okay.

  • Because of the contents

    They are bad because most cartoons have bad behaviours in themselves. They are bad examples for children. Children see them and try to act like them. And also they have some messages to affect children's brain. Whether we want or not, if children watch them, drum these messages into children's brain.

  • Yes they are.

    The old cartoons like on Nickelodeon and the even older Warner Brothers are just fine. Kids need to watch something that is suitable to their mental capacity and age level. However there are many new cartoons geared towards adults that kids may gravitate towards because they are cartoons too. They should not be watching adult cartoons.

  • Cartoons aren't a bad influence at all.

    Cartoons are an art form, and while some are inappropriate, most of them are child friendly and have heart. People seem to confuse 'child friendly' and 'family friendly' and cartoons creators do have an idea of what age group will be watching the cartoons, and they are rated accordingly. Cartoons have been a part of our lives for many years, and will be for years to come.

  • There a good thing

    Cartoons give an escape from real life, thats a good thing for kids. They have something that gives them and escape from cruel, unending and mostly boring school and homework. It that a bad thing? Also cartoons help to educate kids in a way thats engaging and fun for the child

  • Cartoons can be good

    You can watch a cartoon without violent and for a short period of time. That will not hurt your own eyes too much. It will make you laugh and this will make you more healthier ( by laughing ). So, cartoons can be good if you watch good ones ( most of them are ).

  • Not all cartoons are bad

    Not all cartoons are bad, but Uncle Grandpa's catchfrase "He's everybodys Uncle and Grandpa" is just disgusting. World of Gumball, Clarence and Steven Universe(ive just seen commercials) looks so awful that I'd rather swim in a pool of dead ants (which ive done) than watch a show full of crap.

  • Cartoons aren't bad at all

    Ok cartoons aren't really bad for example Superbook it's good ok but it isn't bad because they teach the bible to children another example is Dora the explorer she says words in English then she translates it in Spanish another example is VeggieTales it's good and the songs are catchy Cartoons aren't bad at all your parents can say yes you can watch cartoons or your parents say no

  • No I don't

    Cartoons are a cute, cool and funny way to teach kids the difference from right or wrong, I think people are reading into things way too much these days, cartoons featuring violence is a way to teach kids that violence is not cool, in my opinion, I don't think cartoons are bad

  • There are good cartoons

    There are good cartoons and there are bad cartoons. Choose carefully, and you will know that your child received only positive influence. I am aware what my 3 year old daughter watches. The cartoons I pick teach her to be a good friend, to be responsible, honest, reliable, and neat. She wants to do good things she sees her favorite cartoon characters do. That's the way it should work, I think.

  • Cartoons are not a bad influence.

    Cartoons are not a bad influence on kids. However, it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor what their child is exposed to. Not all cartoons are suitable for children, and the parent should be aware of the material within the cartoon before they let their child view them.

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