• What the hell am I supposed to be watching

    American "children's" cartoons are absolutely shit. I watch Family Guy, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc. but shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Spongebob, etc. are complete shit. I have always been salty about the fact that most channels don't show Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, etc. anymore because those shows were actually entertaining. I want someone to reply and tell me how those shows are entertaining to people.

  • Cartoon these days are pointless

    I remember when i was a kid and watched cartoons all the time. Each show had a story and a point to it. There were some hidden adult innuendo in some but mostly cartoons had a plot. I watch cartoons these days and it is nothing compared to what we had. It looks like someone took some kind of drug and made it. There is no plot or any moral to it

  • Yes, cartoons are getting out of control.

    Cartoons have been ridiculed for their displays of violence and dirty humor since their inception, but this has not stopped them from pushing the limits further every day. Modern cartoons have taken toilet humor to new levels and often depict graphic violence that corrupts young minds. In recent years, cartoons have also been using increasing amounts of sexual innuendo and adult themes that are not appropriate for most audiences. As a whole, cartoons have degraded humor through their ridiculousness.

  • Absolutely No Way

    Cartoons like family guy or american dad are the greatest. If you don't like them then turn off your tv. Most likely you're a conservative who can't take a joke. These shows are designed to make people laugh and if you can't handle a little humor then please don't bother.

  • Cartoons are still fine

    The opinion that cartoons are getting too ridiculous is vague and entirely subjective. Different cartoons are meant for different audiences and they may not make much sense to someone outside the intended audience. If cartoons please their intended audience, then they have served their purpose. If a cartoon seems "too ridiculous", then maybe one should try looking at it a little differently.

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