• Of course they do!

    Just think about all the problems Catholic schools face! If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that kicking God out of the public schools is what causing school shootings. Using that logic, we can assert that the numerous sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church and schools was caused by kicking God out of Catholic school!

  • The authoritarian structure needs to be overturned.

    Catholic schools stifle creativity and independence. The emphasis on religious scripture at a young age before children can effectively think independently, implants an authoritarian mindset that can be difficult to overcome.

    As Sir Ken Robinson has said, schools kill creativity because they teach us out of our creativity. All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. A great part of the human experience which is natural and normal, and includes experimentation with art, music, clothes, gender roles, sexuality and a number of other things, is stifled and suppressed in Catholic Schools.

  • No. People-not schools-need salvation.

    No, Catholic schools are not in need of salvation. However, with the number of priest pedophiles who have been exposed (bad pun, not funny at all and not intended to be, sorry), a lot of priests are in need of confession and salvation and being kept apart and away from children in those schools. Catholic schools provide solid education, but until the hierarchy gets real about what is going on, I believe enrollments will suffer.

  • No, Catholic schools are just fine.

    Of course Catholic schools are not in need of salvation. They are just fine the way they are. Some of the more extreme sects of Christianity forget that they got their origins in the Catholic church. The Catholics were the original Christians, therefore, all other sects are versions of Catholicism. Catholic schools are turning out well educated, well mannered, well behaved children.

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