Are Catholics Christians and do they worship the same gods?

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  • The Original Christians

    When Christianity was established, Catholicism was the only "sect" there. And back them it wasn't even a sect because Christianity was one group. The phrases "Catholic" and "Christian" were interchangeable. Catholic by definition means universal and the Church was called that because it was the universal branch of Christianity.
    Different sects broke off because they either didn't agree with the teachings or they didn't want to abide by the set acts and morals.

    Catholics do not worship Mary as their savior. We respect and honor her because she is the mother of God and was also born without original sin. If other "Catholics" believe that we worship Mary then they either do not know their faith or they base Catholicism off of what they think it should be which would mean that they are not really Catholic.

    Catholicism is the purest form of Christianity there is.

  • The person to my right knows nothing about history or Catholosism.

    1) Catholics do not worship Mary, she is just highly respected
    2) Catholics were the original sect pf Christianity. Then Eastern Orthodox branched off, and then during the Renaissance era, Martin luther started the protestant reformation, which led to the first establishing of protestantism. Catholosism predates every other form of Christianity by centuries.
    3) Catholica believe Jesus is savior, not Mary. We hold the belief in and worship the Christian trinity, the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.
    In short, Catholics were the original Christians. Learn your history and do your reasearh. Dont just guess or assume based on uninformed interactions.

  • God* and yes

    Christian is the name of a religion, Catholicism is a denomination or "sub-group" of Christianity. A Catholic is always Christian but a Christian isn't always Catholic. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, meaning it worships only one God as opposed to several. Therefore, every Christian denomination, including Catholicism, must worship the same, one God for them to be Christian denominations.

  • Yes they do

    Yes they are the same because they all believe the same thing so why is it a topic on this website just research it yourself. Don't go around asking kids what they think it is there opinion not yours so why don't you have research done yourself. Then ask kids real questions

  • Catholics are the original Christians

    Catholics believe in the Jesus and God. They have different beliefs than other branches of Christianity, but if all of their views were the same, they would not have different branches. Catholicism is the original branch of Christianity. It was started by Peter, a disciple of Jesus Himself. The other groups came later.

  • This Is what I learned:

    Catholicism is more or less a branch of christianity these days. Just what I was taught growing up, but that could be wrong, you know, I mean they taught me there was a god growing up, and now I know that's untrue... So yeah I could be wrong about the catholicism thing.

  • Derrrr is there

    A diff between Jesus and Jesus? I didn't think so. Yeah Mother Mary is probably valued more in Catholic religion, but otherwise, based off the same religion, the same bible, and the same story, there is really no difference between Catholic and Christianity. If your talking about Muslim, that's a different story.

  • Do we need to pull out a history textbook?

    Catholicism is a sect of Christianity.
    Christianity is defined as "the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices."
    The one vote against this topic even said that Catholics worship Jesus.

    I don't think that I need to say more at this point.

  • Catholics are Indeed Christians

    Catholics are indeed Christians, and even the word "catholic" means universal. The ones who say we are not are sadly ignorant. We worship the Trinitarian God--Father Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Mary is deserving of our reverence as Christ's mother and ours, and that her "fiat," or saying yes to God, is an example to all of us.

    As one respondent stated, we also believe in the immaculate conception, meaning that Mary was born without original sin. It may sound extreme, but this was the work of Jesus retroactively sparing her from sin. We believe this because it would have been fitting for God to want a pristine vessel to carry His Incarnation, and it is consistent with what we know of God's bountiful mercy.

    Unlike many protestant churches, we have a system of checks and balances to keep us from falling into heresy. The Pope does not determine our doctrine, contrary to what some may believe. Papal Infallibility is a tool used in extreme circumstances (from a special chair) and cannot contradict scripture. We also have three scripture readings every Sunday (the same all around the world) that shape the theme of the homily (like a sermon but more reflection) instead of having a charismatic preacher cherry-picking scripture readings to support his message. But what goes hand-in-hand with scripture is tradition. The Catholic church has tradition handed down from the Apostles that helps us interpret scripture...In fact, the Bible itself is tradition (oral tradition shaped by generations of believers)!

    If you're still skeptical, try doing research on the early church as well as research on the history of the Catholic church, which includes the reasons for why we believe what we do.

  • You know Catholics are the first Christians

    I'm a catholic we do not worship Gods you know the trinity is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit not all Gods they all are in one and three inconceivable by the human mind every other Christian sub-religion was made after or off the Catholic Church this is something you need to research

    Posted by: ATF
  • I believe that Catholics are not Christians and Christians are not Catholics.

    From my experience, Catholics do not worship the sames gods as Christians. Catholics worship the Virgin Mary and Jesus; Christians worship Jesus and God. Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary is their savior because she gave birth to Christ; Christians believe Christ is their savior and is god because he was born of the holy spirit and died for the sins of all. In brief, from experience, I believe that Catholics are not Christians and Christians are not Catholics. What's ya'lls opinion.

  • They call him God, but he doesn't act like him. He's different.

    Jesus came to reestablish the personal relationship between God and people that had been severed at the fall. (Jesus was the "second Adam") Catholics establish a hierarchy of Saints and priests that must be gone through to even talk to God. It's totally works focused, and Rome focused. In 1 Peter, Peter constantly refers to Christians as sojourners or aliens on Earth, and Jesus refused to set up an Earthly kingdom as the Jews at the time thought the Messiah would. Rome is all about establishing an Earthly kingdom before Messiah returns, and building up their church with wealth.

  • Catholics don't even read the Bible, so they don't even know what "Christian" means

    The early church was protestant in doctrine. Peter never got any keys from Jesus, that is totally unscriptural, and Catholicism is a different religion created by Constantine. Their god is a man called the pope. The Protestant Reformation is aka the Rebirth of Christianity. Catholics also don't read the Bible, and don't believe that Jesus can take away their sins, so they are not christians, and they never were

  • First church was christian not catholic

    According to history, the first church was chistian which now is evangelical, constantine founded the catholic church 300 years after, protestants came after the catholic, evangelicals were persecuted by catholics during the dark ages, when somebody reads the bible they leave the catholic church because the catholic church goes against the bible, catholic believe, follow and are rule by the catholic religion, christians believe, follow and worship Jesus

  • Catholics worship Mary and they admit that in he catholic catechism and it is unbiblical so they are not bible believing Christians

    Roman Catholics also pray to the saints. Not like praying for them but instead praying to them as if they could do things that Christ could not. You should pray for others but not to them. And if a catholic denies that they worship mary give them this text from the catholic catechism, “In thee, I put my trust, All my hope and salvation. I worship thee, Great Queen… most of all I do thank thee for having saved me from hell. ”

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